How To Use Stylus Pen For Chromebook? Best Stylus Pen For Chromebook 2022

Stylus Pen For Chromebook: In computing stylus pen or stylus is a small pen-shaped instrument whose tip position on a computer monitor can be detected. It is used to draw or make choices by tapping. Devices with touchscreens such as newer computers, mobile devices like smartphones and personal digital assistants, and game consoles, graphics tables can usually be operated with a fingertip, but a stylus pen provides more accurate and controllable input.

The stylus has the same function as a mouse or touchpad as a pointing device. This stylus pen use is commonly called pen computing. In this article, we will see how to use Stylus Pen for Chromebook, How to take screenshots using the stylus pen, the advantages of a stylus pen, etc in detail.

How Does Stylus Pen Work?

Before that, you need to understand function. The vast majority of today’s touchscreens use capacitive technology. Unlike resistive touch screens that require you to push conduction layers together to make successful contact, capacitive screens behave like electrical conductors divided by an insulator.


In layman’s procedure, resistive screen registers contact through pressure while capacitive screen registers contact through electricity. Because the human body is a natural conductor of electricity, our hand fingertips are charged with electrical properties capable of altering capacitive touch screens.

  1. Capacitive Stylus Pen: Enter the touch screen stylus using conductive materials like rubber or plastic. Styluses can transmit the necessary electric field to make successful contact with a capacitive touch screen.
  2. Resistive Screen Stylus: Stylus engineered for resistive screen compatibility does not require any conductive properties. Because resistive screens register contact solely through physical pressure, resistive stylus pens can take many shapes and forms and use a wide array of no conducive materials.

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How To Use Stylus Pen For Chromebook:

If you have a touch screen Chromebook that works with a stylus, you can use the stylus to take notes and screenshots, draw or act as a laser printer or magnifying glass. If your Chromebook comes with a built-in stylus, click the button on the side of the Chromebook, and the stylus will pop out. You cannot use a Bluetooth stylus pen for Chromebook. Sometimes, a capacitive stylus pen so not work correctly.

Types of Stylus Pen for Chromebook

  1. Capacitive stylus pen
  2. Wacom Digiizer stylus pen
  3. Bluetooth stylus pen

How To Take Notes in Chromebook Using the Stylus Pen:

  • On your Chromebook, tap the stylus
  • Then hit create note option
  • NoW the window that appears use your stylus to take notes


  • On your desktop, tap stylus pen and go to the settings option
  • In the note-taking app drop-down, choose an application

How To Take Screenshots in Chromebook Using the Stylus Pen:

Partial screenshot:

  • On your desktop, tap the stylus pen
  • Using your stylus pen, tap capture the region
  • Using your stylus, touch and hold somewhere on the screen, then drag
  • Release to finish the screenshot

Full page screenshot:

  • On your desktop, tap the stylus
  • Then Tap capture the screen

Advantages of the Stylus Pen

1. Stylus pen is great for handwritten notes on your Chromebook
2. It is easy to use
3. Stylus pen is weather-resistant
4. It offers more and more precise contact registers
5. It is more sanitary than bare fingers

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How to Draw in Chromebook Using the Stylus Pen:

  • From the corner of your Chromebook’s screen, click the launcher option then click the up arrow point.
  • Now open canvas
  • Here Use the application to draw with your stylus.

Stylus Pen pros and cons:


  • Pressure sensitivity detection
  • Enable palm rejection
  • Wide compatibility options
  • Shortcut buttons
  • It does not require battery power for full functionality
  • Affordable o purchase
  • compatible with any capacitive touch screen devices
  • Easy to build your own.


  • Lack of pressure sensitivity
  • No additional functionality
  • Inability to differentiate stylus from hand
  • Limited compatibility
  • High price tags
  • Some stylus pens required particular application support
  • Battery power required

Final words:

If you are a Chromebook user, just read this post and use a good stylus pen. I hope this post undoubtedly helps all Chromebook users to know more about what is stylus pen and how to use a stylus pen for Chromebook. So friend, if you like this post, share this with your friends, thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What pens work on a Chromebook?

Ans: Adoni has been at the forefront of stylus innovation for a year. While most of its models focus on the iPad, the mini 4 is a precision capacitive stylus that will work on every touchscreen Chromebook, and its design makes it hard to lose.

2. Can you use a stylus pen on Chromebook trackpad?

Ans: Yes, the stylus pen also works o the computer’s trackpad.

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