Chromebook Screenshot Shortcuts Keys

Screenshot On Chromebook: The screenshot is referred to as a screengrab or screencap. It is an image that shows the contents of a computer display. Screenshots let you capture what you see on your screen to share with others or reference later. Taking, sharing, and saving screenshots can be beneficial for various reasons.

Nowadays, new computers and laptops have many perks, like a new display screen and quick processing time. Still, I can also take a bit of trial and error to get used to them. If you have a Chromebook, even something as simple as taking a screenshot can be confusing here; you get what you need to know to get it done.

This proposal explains some guidelines about Take A Screenshot On Chromebook. You can either use a keyboard shortcut or the screen capture tool to take a screencap or screenshot.

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Chromebook Screenshot Shortcuts Keys :

FULL-SCREEN SCREENSHOT:  If you want to take a screenshot of your Chromebook full screen, then use the following shortcut key  Cntrl+show windows key.

PARTIAL SCREENSHOT: If you want to take a partial screenshot of your Chromebook’s screen, then use this shortcut key  Cntrl+shift+show windows key.

WINDOW SCREENSHOT: if you want to make a windows screenshot, then use this shortcut key, Cntrl+Alt+Show windows key (open the screen capture tool)

ACCESS MORE SCREENSHOT FEATURES: Shift+ctrl+show windows key. After that, select a screenshot option from the toolbar.

TABLET: If you want to take a screenshot on your tablet, then use these shortcut keys, power button+volumn down button.

ACCESS MORE SCREENSHOT FEATURES ON TABLET:  Power button+select screen capture if you forgot your screenshot shortcut keys, then use the below shortcut to see all of them,Ctrl+Alt+/.

How To Take A Screenshot On Chromebook:

  1. If you want to take everything on your screen, press the following shortcut key at a time-Ctrl+show windows key.
  2. This button is located in the top row between your keypad’s full-screen brightness down button.
  3. It resembles a rectangle followed by double lines. Also, you use the F5 key on the standard keypad.
Take A Screenshot On Chromebook
Take A Screenshot On Chromebook

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How To Upload Screenshot to the Cloud:

Once you press both keys to pop up notification is displayed in the bottom right corner of your Chromebook’s screen, displaying a thumbnail of your screenshot. Then hitting that thumbnail leads you to the downloads folder, where all screenshots go by default. You can also access screenshots by clicking the blue files folder on the shelf and selecting images or downloads.

  1. The chrome operating system labels all screenshots with the date and time. To do this, follow these steps,
  2. Open the file application and choose the image or downloads listed on the left.
  3. Select the screenshot you want to upload. If you want to upload multiple screenshots, click the icon on each screenshot or draw a box around the files using a mouse or touchpad.
  4. Hit the share button located o the top right side of the screen.
  5. Now choose to save to drive on the drop-down menu.

How To Capture A Specific Area For A Screenshot On A Chromebook:

  1. Press and hold the ctrl + shift keys simultaneously, then hit the show windows button
  2. The screen demand cursor pointer temporarily changes to a cross-hair. Use the cross-hair to start one corner of your capture area and hold down on the mouse button or touchpad.
  3. Drag the pointer across the screen using your mouse or finger until you create a box.
  4. Go to the mouse button or lift your finger to complete the box and capture the screen.
  5. After capturing the windows, please save it to the image or downloads folders the same as a full screenshot.

If you have a newer Chromebook or chrome os 88, you will see the new toolbar appear at the bottom of your Chromebook’s screen with the screenshot and partial screenshot key selected by default.

How To Take A Screenshot On In Tablet Using Button:

The tablet devices running the Chrome operating system may not have fast access to a keypad. Don’ panic; here, we give an easy screenshot key to take a screenshot on your tablet.

  • press the given button simultaneously 
  • Power button + Volume down key
  • Now your tablet’s screen registers the screenshot and takes an image of the entire screen.

Full Capture Screenshots In Tablet Mode Using A Stylus:

Read the below steps to capture a screenshot in tablet mode with a stylus,

  • Click stylus or pen
  • Use the pen to tap the capture screen option, which grabs a screenshot of your entire screen.

Partial Capture Screenshots In Tablet Mode Using A Stylus Or Pen:

If you want to take only a tiny part of your screen in tablet mode with a stylus or pen, then follow the below steps,

  • Turn on your tablet. 
  • Tap stylus or pen.
  • Use the stylus to tap the capture region option.
  • Use the pen or stylus to touch and hold your starting point o the screen.
  • Drag your stylus to the final point creating a box.
  • Release to capture your screenshot.

Final Thoughts:

We have entered the end of this post, and I hope this post will help you to take a screenshot on your Chromebook. Here we explain all information about taking a screenshot on your Chromebook. If you are a Chromebook user, then this post surely helps you.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the easier way to take a screenshot on a Chromebook?

  • Just press the shift + ctrl +show windows key
  • In the menu at the bottom, select screenshot
  • Select an option, and the first one is a full-screen screenshot second is a partial ios screenshot.

How do you screenshot on a Chromebook without the f5 key?

  • For a full-screen screenshot, Press ctrl+show windows key
  • For partial screenshot: press Ctrl+shift+show windows key for windows screenshot:cntrl+Alt+show windows key.

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