Plex For Chromebook Download Using 2 Best Methods? 2022

Plex For Chromebook: Plex is a global streaming media service and a client-server media player platform made by the plex industry. The Plex media server organizes video, audio, and photos from users collections & online services, then stream that to the players. The official client’s and unofficial third party client runs on mobile devices, smart televisions, streaming boxes, and web applications. If you have a Chromebook and search for a good media player for your Chromebook, don’t worry. This article explains how to download this plex for Chromebook and install it on your Chromebook. We will try our best so that you understand this guideline. Here we cover everything you need, and at the end of this article, you should have everything you need to know to get plex and running on your device.

What is Plex?

Plex is one of the most popular and accessible media servers that let you master your media verse. So you can enjoy it on your Chromebook device or any available device. You can easily stream video, music, snaps, and movies to your laptop or mobile phone from your computer using this plex. Plex makes your media beautiful with a detailed description. We will see some other features of Plex are,

  • Plex automatically converts your media on the fly to play on any device.
  • Easily share your media with friends and family.
  • Synchronize media to your mobile phone or tablet for offline viewing
  • Synchronize media to your favourite cloud provider, including google drive, dropbox and box, so you can stream media even when your server is offline.
  • Access a wide range of online channels such as TED, revision3, TWiT
  • Queue online videos from sites like Vimeo and youtube and watch them later on any device.

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How To Download & Plex For Chromebook:

A Chromebook is a tablet or laptop, and it operates on Linux based Chrome operating system, not Microsoft windows. You may ask Can I install Plex on my Chromebook? Yes. It is a powerful media player for a lightweight device like Chromebook. This application is compatible with Android, Apple devices, Windows and MacOS, fire televisions also in Chromebook. Users can plex pass to get premium features like tv, offline mobile sync, plex perks, etc. Now, we are moving on to the download and installation process of Plex on Chromebook. There are two amazing methods to download and install plex on your Chromebook device, such as

  • Through the Google play store
  • Through Plex web

How To Setting Up Plex With Simple Steps:

  • The first step is to sign in to your plex media server account
  • Setup the plex media server on the NAS devices, which means network-attached storage device
  • Final step is to Turn on remote access to access your media files on plex client applications.

How To Download Plex For Chromebook Through Google Play Store:

  • Open your Chromebook and go to the google play store option
  • In this play store search box, type plex and click the enter button
Plex for chromebook using google playstore
Plex for chromebook using google playstore
  • Now select the official plex application from the application search result
  • Then click the install button to download this plex app
  • Once the installation is complete, hit the open button to launch the application on your Chromebook.

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How To Download Plex For Chromebook Through Plex Web:

  • If your version of your Chromebook is not compatible with the google play store, please download it from the application’s home page.
  • Install chrome browser on your Chromebook
  • Then find the plex web in the browser.
Download Plex for chromebook using Plex web
Download Plex for chromebook using Plex web
  • Once you open the page, select the login option and enter the respective details.
  • After logging in to your account, it will take you to the plex page to see all your media from the plex media server.

Final Words:

No, we entered into the end of this article. I hope you understand this article how to download and install Plex for Chromebook. I think from this post, you should have everything you need. So friend, if you like this article, then share it with your friends, thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. Can you get Plex on Google Chromebook?

Ans: You will need to use chrome and the google cast chrome extension. You will also need to link your plex media server to a plex account, which will allow you to access plex through Chromecast remotely.

2. How do I add plex on my google home?

Ans: Just visit or download plex’s applications for IOS or Android smart device, then sign in with the same account with which you set up the server. Plex should find your media server automatically, and you should see the cast icon on the screen.

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