OBS for Chromebook Using 2 Best Methods!

OBS for Chromebook: As one of the world’s most popular live-streaming software, OBS Studio has expanded to more platforms and has been used by Twitch, Facebook Live, and Google Hangouts. In this post, we will discuss why you should check out OBS Studio for Chromebook and its benefits. By downloading the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to your Chromebook, you’ll get access to a vast amount of live streaming and video recording tools that will allow you to broadcast your video streams and record them to your Google Drive account.

About OBS Studio:

OBS Studio is a free application that runs on the Windows operating system. It was founded by Peter van der Woningen in 2012. The primary purpose of this video streaming tool is to record screencasts. With OBS Studio, you can record the entire desktop screen or any screen area within the program window. Once you’ve registered your screencast, you can upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Daily motion, and many other popular video-sharing sites. If you want to learn more about downloading OBS Studio for Chromebook and using it, then continue reading the article.

How to Download OBS for Chromebook?

The official OBS Studio app for Chromebook is not developed yet. But, we can install and use OBS Studio on your device using three different methods. They are,

  • Using Crostini Linux Container
  • Using Chrome Browser

Method 1: How to Download OBS for Chromebook using Crostini Linux Container?

We can easily download OBS studio using Crostini Linux Container. Crostini is the feature that is used to run Linux apps on Chromebook. Let’s see how to set up Crostini and the step to download OBS for Chromebook below,

Steps to Setup Crostini on Chromebook:

  • First, Go to admin.google.com.
  • Now Click on Chrome ManagementScroll Down and Click Device Settings
  • At the bottom of the settings, you will see the option “Virtual Machines – Enable Chrome OS to run virtual machine, needed to support Linux apps.”
Crostini Setup on Chromebook
Crostini Setup on Chromebook
  • Click to enable it, go to chrome: //policy, and then click to reload the policies.
  • Now, you will go to settings, and there you will see the Linux option is available to turn ON.
  • That’s it. Crostini setup on Chromebook is done now. Now, follow the below steps to install OBS for Chromebook.

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Steps to Install OBS for Chromebook Using Crostini:

  • Make sure Google Playstore is run on your Chromebook because Google Playstore is run only on the latest version of Chromebook.
  • Open Google Playstore and search for the OBS studio app.
  • Click the Install option. 
  • After the installation, open the OBS studio app
OBS Studio for chromebook
OBS Studio for Chromebook
  • Now, it will ask you to give access to Chromebook’s camera and microphone.
  • After that, you can now use the OBS Studio app on Chromebook and enjoy live streaming, recording, sharing, etc.

Method 2: How to Download OBS for Chromebook using Chrome Browser?

If OBS studio software is not working well on Google Playstore, you can download it using the Chrome browser. Simply follow the below steps carefully,

  • First, open the Chrome Browser on your device and search for the Chrome Web store
  • In Chrome Web Store, search for the OBS studio app and Click to install it on your device
OBS for Chromebook
OBS for Chromebook
  • Finally, launch the OBS app and enjoy streaming now!

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How to Use the OBS Studio app on Chromebook?

A new software application called OBS Studio is available for Google Chrome OS. You can use it to record videos directly on YouTube or Facebook. You can also use it to Livestream to Twitch or Stream, capture gameplay from video games to upload to Twitch, or record screencasts to share on YouTube. After installation, let’s see how to use the OBS studio app on a Chromebook.

  • Open the OBS Studio app. First, you have to add a new source. So click the “+” button in the source panel. It will add a fresh start now.
  • In the Add Source option, Select the Camera option.
  • Select the built-in Chromebook camera option from the menu and click “OK.”
  • Now, you can start recording or live streaming on the OBS studio app.
  • For video recording, click on the “Start Recording” option.
  • For live stream, click on the Setting button and Select the Live Stream Option.
  • Finally, Click on the Start Streaming button.
  • That’s it. Now, you can record and do live streaming features on your Chromebook.

Features of the OBS Studio app:

  • Record and export your footage as MP4 files
  • Automatically crop videos after recording
  • OBS automatically trims videos after recording
  • Save files to your Google Drive automatically
  • Upload your videos to YouTube automatically
  • Import your audio track from WAV, AIF, or MP3
  • Convert clips to MJPEG and H.264 formats


If you need to edit videos on your Chromebook, use OBS Studio. It’s a free program that lets you record and edits video, creates screencasts, adds subtitles, change audio levels, and do much more from the Chrome browser. It’s a powerful tool that will make video editing much more accessible. I hope the above information is beneficial for you to learn more about OBS Studio for Chromebook. If you have any more queries regarding the OBS app, feel free to ask us.


1. Does OBS Studio run on Chromebook?

Ans: OBS studio app is not designed to run on Chromebook. But, we can use other methods to run the Chrome OBS studio app and enjoy live streaming.

2. Can a Chromebook be used for streaming?

Ans: Yes, using YouTube software, you can stream live on your Chromebook using an in-built webcam and microphone.

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