How To Install Lockdown Browser For Chromebook? 2 Best Methods

Lockdown Browser for Chromebook: LockDown Browser is a custom browser mainly used to lock test environments in learning management systems. The Lockdown browser is a processor to secure online exams in classrooms or scheduled environments, and more than 2000 educational institutions used it. Now, you can download the lockdown browser on your Chromebook also. Respondus Monitor proctoring utility is currently supported by Chromebook extension.

If you have a class that uses the Lockdown browser for testing and would like to use this feature, your students can test it on their Chromebook. If you want to use the Lockdown browser to test your students, your students can do the test you provide on their Chromebook. Below, we have given the proper instructions to download and use the lockdown browser for Chromebooks for both teachers and students.

How to install LockDown Browser for Chromebook?

Steps to Install Lockdown Browser for Chromebook (For Teachers):

  • Go to the Lockdown web browser of your Chromebook.
  • On the website’s homepage, click on the ‘Install Now’ option to install it on your Chromebook.
  • And then, you need to double click on the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install it properly.


  • You will be asked to accept a licence agreement. Read that agreement and click on ‘I accept the terms of licence agreement’. Then click on ‘Next’.
  • Now, the LockDown Browser is installed successfully.
  • You need to enable the LockDown browser to use the quiz.
  • When you enable the Lockdown browser to use the quiz, the LockDown browser for the Chromebook quiz system will be enabled automatically, like how it is done with the Lockdown browser for Windows and Mac.

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Steps to Install Lockdown Browser for Chromebook (For Students):

  • First, you have to log in to your Chromebook and go to the Chrome browser.
  • On the Chrome browser, you need to log in to the canvas and navigate to the quiz, which requires you to use LockDown Browser. 
  • Once you click on that quiz, you will automatically get the download link of LockDown Browser.
  • Select the Download Respondus Lockdown Browser link to download and install the software.


  • The link will be opened in the Chrome Web Store. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Once you click on that option, the extension of LockDown Browser for Chromebook will begin to install on the browser.
  • A pop-up window ‘Add LockDown Browser?’ will be displayed on your screen. On that window, you need to click on ‘Add Extension.
  • Once the Lockdown browser extension is installed successfully, you have to restart your Chromebook. Now you can take your online test on the LockDown Browser.

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Features of using Lockdown browser for Chromebook

1. Locks the test environment:

Lockdown Browser helps prevent digital fraud during online tests. Until the exam is submitted for ranking, students can print, copy, or everything will be locked so that you will not be able to go to another website. 

2. Seamless integration with your Learning Management System:

LockDown works seamlessly with learning management systems that include learning on the blackboard, BrightSpace, Canvas, Moodle, and Schoology.

3. Prevents application switching:

Students will not be able to access other applications while using the LockDown browser. This prevents them from viewing class notes, searching the Internet, accessing email, using instant messaging, and more when they take online tests. 

4. Protects against sharing exam questions:

Teachers spend significant time preparing exam questions, although it is common for students to copy, share, and print exams. The lockdown browser will lock print operations, copy and paste, and screen-capture programs to prevent students from doing such activities and protect exam questions.

5. Increases the confidence in the online test:

The LockDown browser protects the integrity of the online test and gives teachers confidence in its use.

6. Supports multiple devices:

LockDown Browser supports all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Chromebook so that the student can use LockDown Browser on their preferred devices to take online tests.

7. Easy to set up:

Instructors may request that you use a test lockdown in just a few clicks. It only takes a while for students to install the Lockdown browser. And they can start the browser to do the test.

8. Training resources that are ready to use:

As the extension is ready for faculty and students, everything, including explanatory videos and free training webinars, is available in the Lockdown Browser tool for use with resources.

Final Words:

This article explains the Lockdown browser for Chromebooks with its features and the procedure to install LockDown Browser for Chromebook for both teachers and students. We hope this article about the Lockdown browser for PC is helpful for you.


1. Why is LockDown Browser not working on my Chromebook?

Ans: If lockdown browser is not working on your, then try these steps to fix. Clear cache files, Clear cookies in Google, check for updates and restart the device.

2. Does LockDown Browser mess up your computer?

Ans: Yes, actually responds really damage your computer/laptop.

3. What computers are compatible with LockDown Browser?

Ans: Lockdown Browser works well on Windows and MAC computer. And it is not well on Linux, Android phone, IOS tablets/phone etc.

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