League of Legends For Chromebook Download – Best Method

League of Legends For Chromebook: League of Legends is a team-based game with over a hundred and forty champions to play epic games. You can play league of legends on a Chromebook, but this game is more complicated than other operating systems. You required Linux, the absolute Linux, to run the league of legends. And also, you will need either chrUbuntu or Croutons to install Linux. Chromebooks have a system of their own that does not support league of legends and other video games directly.

Can I Play League of legends on my Chromebook?

Yes, you can play this league of legends game on your Chromebook, but this league of legends game is more complex compared to other operating systems. It would help if you needed Linux, the absolute Linux, to run league of legends. It’s not possible to go to the league of legends website and click download, but there is a way to overcome the obstacle of the operating system. Compared to windows or mac, it takes extra time. It might not work on all types of Chromebooks, and you need to backup your local data as this process will delete it all.

League of legends
League of legends

League of legends is only available for windows and Mac OS. It does not include support for Linux or Chrome operating system, which is the operating system running on Chromebooks. If you want to play a league of legends on your Chromebook, don’t panic. This proposal explains various details about the league of legends on your Chromebook. Different methods are available to install league of legends on your Chromebook. Install and run league of legends with wine, Install and run league of legends with Lol Wine, and Install and run league of Legends with the snap package manager. But here, we will see how to install and run league of legends using wine.

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How To Install League of Legends For Chromebook:

Before you go to install and run this league of legends, you need to enable Linux on your Chromebook. Linux is a feature present on the latest Chromebooks that allows you to run a Debian virtual machine on our Chromebook. that will enable you to run Linux applications, developer software efficiently, and even install Linux packages on your Chromebooks. After successfully enabling your Linux on your Chromebook, now you are ready to install league of legends on your Chromebook. You follow the below steps,

Steps To Install League of Legends For Chromebook Using Wine:

  • First, update your system and install wine with the commandssudo apt update, sudo apt install Wine
  • Now, you can also add support for 32bit applications executing the command – sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386, sudo apt update, sudo apt-get install wine32
  • To confirm and make sure that wine was successfully installed, execute the command wine FG on the terminal
  • Now, will open the wine configuration window. Here you set up audio, graphic, and even the window version you wish to emulate.
  • After completing the setup, close this window.
  • After completing the wine installation process, you can now download the league of legends window setup files from their official web page.
Download league of legends
Download league of legends
  • Then you need to make an account first before downloading the file setup.
  • Here, you need to rename the setup file and move the file to your Linux file directory.
  • On your terminal, execute the Is command and make sure you see the league of legends setup file that you moved to the Linux files directory.
  • Now run the command WINEARCH=Win64, WINEPREFIX=”/home/chromeread to launch the setup file with wine.
  • Now you see the riot games installation window and an option to install league of legends, press the installation option.
  • After downloading, if your window is hanging and copying your important necessary files, then close it.
  • Now, relaunch the setup with the same command WINEARCH=win64, WINEPREFIX=”/home/chormread
  • You will see the main installation window with a sign-in and create an account option. Click install.
  • After completing the installation process, you can start playing if the launcher is still open.
  • If you close the launcher, navigate the Linux apps section on your application menu and launch the game.

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League of Legends for Chromebook Requirements:

  • The hardware required to install league of legends is only an essential requirement for installing, and we must supply it with an Intel CPU, the bare-bones minimum. Currently recommend an I3 or higher with plenty of Random Access Memory(RAM)
  • Most Chromebooks use intel processors, but some use rock chip or media tek processors. One of these processors may be in your Samsung or Asus, and Samsung has ARM-based Chromebooks, and Asus has rock chips found.
  • Large RAM and storage are a good choice. With 2GB RAM and an Intel Celeron processor, the game will run at 20-30 FPS. A much newer Chromebook has 4GB of RAM and faster processors. That is too small for this league of legends game.
  • A 32GB or 64GB SD is good than an external hard drive, and a 16GB drive won’t hold the game. So we recommended a Chromebook with more storage memory.

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  • Funky cards
  • Free Rider
  • fallout shelter
  • Quake
  • Spelunk

Final words:

Now we enter the end of this post. Here, we cover full details of installing league of legends for Chromebook, and I hope this post undoubtedly helps all Chromebook users. So friends, if you like this post, share this with your friends or relatives who want to play the league of the legend video game on their Chromebook. Thank you.


1. Can a Chromebook handle league of legends?

Ans: League of legends is only available for windows and macOs, and it does not support Linux or ChromeOS, which is the operating system running on Chromebooks.

2. Can You Jailbreak a Chromebook?

Ans: You can do a lot with a Chromebook if you are willing to jailbreak it. When you jailbreak a Chromebook, Chrome OS becomes not only an operating system you can use for many purposes but an excellent operating system.

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