Install VirtualBox On Chromebook with Simple Steps – How To Use it?

VirtualBox On Chromebook: Chromebook may not be the preferred choice of the device when it boils down to running virtual desktops on it, but that does not mean they cannot. It’s relatively easy but lengthy to install windows on the chrome operating system and get a multitude of applications for it. In this proposal, we look on how to install this VirtualBox on your Chromebook quickly and effortlessly.

About VirtualBox:

VirtualBox was created by Innotek GmbH, which was acquired by sun microsystems in 2008 and acquired by Oracle in 2010. You may install Virtual Box on Microsoft Windows, MacOs, Linux, Solaris, and OpenSolaris. There are also ports to FreeBSD and Genode. It supports the creation and management of guest virtual machines running Windows, Linux, BSD, OS/2, Solaris, Haiku, and OSx86 and limited virtualization of macOS guste on apple hardware. Enter Oracle VM VirtualBox, a powerful, feature-rich, and highly versatile x86 and intel/AMD 64 virtualization software enterprises can use for businesses and homes. It’s a professional-grade tool that receives constant regulatory updates, has a sizable community, and is available on various platforms.

Supporting Operating system:

Virtualbox supports a long list of host operating systems and guest operating systems. A host operating system is installed on a physical machine on which VirtualBox is installed, and a guest operating system is installed on a virtual machine. Virtualbox can be installed on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, FreeBSD, Novell NetWare, and another operating systems.

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How To Install Virtualbox on Chromebook?

Installing this VirtualBox on your Chromebook is straightforward. However, not every Chromebook can handle this tool so ensure your internals are packing some good punching power. Additionally, you will need the help of the Linux Operating System in your Chromebook, So follow the below steps carefully, installing Virtualbox follows the same steps as installing a Linux application.

  • Go and visit the official download page to download VirtualBox onto your device
Download VirtualBox for chromebook
Download VirtualBox for chromebook
  • Press the Debian 10 to download the package.
  • The file is roughly around 80MB, so be a bit patient.
  • Now, open files and look for the downloaded file.
  • Then click two times on it and select install with Linux to begin the installation.
  • An installer will pop up. Hit on install and give it some time to complete the installation procedure.
  • After done, VirtualBox will appear under the Linux applications folder in your Chromebook’s launcher.
Virtual box on chromebook
Virtual box on chromebook
  • Done, now you have successfully installed VirtualBox on your Chromebook.
  • If you hit any error, type the command, dpkg – configure -a, in the Linux terminal on your Chromebook and restart the installation.

How To Use Virtualbox On Chromebook:

It might be tricky as the steps will vary depending on the version of VirtualBox you are running on your devices. The operating system you are planning to install might follow an entirely different procedure. Virtualbox’s official help page will give you an in-depth guide on setting up a virtual machine. It would be best to allocate sufficient hardware for the operating system you plan to simulate by a common rule. It includes setting up the number of processor cores, minimum RAM and Rom, network adaptor, display, etc.
Before simulating windows or any other operating system on your Chromebook, ensure you have a keyboard with a supported layout.`

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Features of VirtualBox:

  • Portability
  • No hardware virtualization required
  • Guest addition: shared folders, seamless windows, 3D virtualization
  • Great hardware support includes guest multiprocessing, USB device support, Hardware Compatibility, Full ACPI support, Multiscreen resolution, Built-in ISCI support, and PXE network boot.
  • Multigeneration branched snapshot
  • VM group
  • Clean Architecture and unprecedented modularity
  • Remote machine display

Final words:

Now we entered into the end of this post, A handy tool like VirtualBox is sure to handle all your needs in that regard, and now with this straightforward proposal, you know how to install and use this VirtualBox on your Chromebook. So friends, if you like this post, then share this with your friends and relatives, thank you.


1. What is the main purpose of a Virtualbox?

Ans: Virtualbox is a general-purpose virtualization tool for x86 and x86-64 hardware, targeted at server, desktop, and embedded use that allows users and administrators to run multiple guest OS on a single host efficiently.

2. How much RAM does Virtualbox need?

Ans: You will need at least 1GB of RAM to run VirtualBox and a guest operating system.`

3. How can I run the windows application on my Chromebook?

Ans: Since your Chromebook does not run windows software, it cannot run executable files. If you need to install and run a windows program with an EXE file, one option is to install and use a chrome remote desktop, which lets you access a connected windows ten desktop where you can run the EXE.file.

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