TeamViewer For Chromebook-How To Install

TeamViewer for Chromebook: Most people are now looking for the TeamViewer app for remote control access. It is available for all devices like Android, PC, Chromebook, etc. Yes, Chromebook users also download and use the TeamViewer app now. If you’re already using TeamViewer on your PC or Mac, it’s a great way to control your Chromebook from your computer remotely. TeamViewer for Chrome runs in the background, allowing you to manage your device with a click, including logging into your device via your password and username. In this article, we will see how to download TeamViewer for Chromebook, its Features, and how to use it on your device in detail.

About TeamViewer:

TeamViewer is one of the best remote control and remote access computer software, allowing you to share your devices with others. You can access remote desktops and work with clients on the go if you’re a consultant. Whether you’re traveling or working from home, this remote control application provides a secure connection to allow you to connect to other computers and share the desktop. TeamViewer is free in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you use the TeamViewer app, you can access any computer running Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or mobile devices with the TeamViewer application installed.

How to Download TeamViewer for Chromebook?

You can easily download TeamViewer on Chromebook using two different methods. They are,

  • Using Google Playstore
  • Using Chrome Extension

How to Download TeamViewer for Chromebook using Google Playstore?

Here, we will learn how to download TeamViewer using the Google Play store. Make sure you are using the latest Chromebook version, which has access to Google Playstore. , follow the steps below,

  • First, download and Install Google Playstore on your Chromebook
  • Now, launch Google Playstore and open it.
  • If you can’t be able to download Google Playstore, go to Chrome and download Google Playstore APK and install it manually.
TeamViewer using Google Playstore
TeamViewer using Google Playstore
  • Now, open the Google Playstore on your device and search for the TeamViewer app
  • Click the install button to install TeamViewer on your Chromebook
  • Finally, launch TeamViewer on your Chromebook and enjoy the remote control access feature on your Chromebook now.

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How to Download TeamViewer for Chromebook using Chrome Extension?

Apart from Google Playstore, you can also install TeamViewer using Chrome Web Store. TeamViewer Extension is available now. So, install it and access it. To do that,

  • First, visit Chrome Web Store on your Chromebook
  • Now, search for TeamViewer chrome extension
Download TeamViewer app
Download TeamViewer app
  • After finding that, Click the install button to install the TeamViewer extension on Chromebook
  • Now, you can run TeamViewer and enjoy remote control features hereafter.

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How to Use TeamViewer on Chromebook?

After installation, you can easily use TeamViewer. For that, you need a better internet connection and the latest version of Chromebook. Follow the steps below to use TeamViewer on Chromebook,

  • Open TeamViewer.
  • Click on the “Start” menu and choose “Connect to another computer.”
  • Choose the network location of the computer you wish to connect.
  • If the user on the other end doesn’t have TeamViewer installed, he will be prompted to install it.
  • Enter your TeamViewer credentials and click “Connect.”

TeamViewer Features:

  • TeamViewer allows Remote control of your computer screen.
  • View live video from your computer anywhere.
  • Control your desktop remotely from any device.
  • Share your screen and webcams with nine friends or family members.
  • Screen sharing allows you to control a computer screen while using another computer.
  • Video conferencing enables 2-way audio and video communication between participants.
  • It allows you to access your computer from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device.
  • It also allows your computer to be accessed via the Internet or other networks.


Now, Chromebook users also use TeamViewer and its features. Using the above two methods, you can easily install TeamViewer on your device and also know how to use TeamViewer. If you have any more queries regarding TeamViewer, feel free to ask us. Thank you!


1. How Do I Get TeamViewer for School? 

Ans: Go to Chrome Web Store, search for TeamViewer, and download it on your Chromebook. You can use it for the school Chromebook.

2. Can I Control My Chromebook with My iPhone?

Ans: Now, you can quickly get remote access to a Chromebook with your iPhone using the Remote control application.

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