How To Install VLC For Chromebook Using 2 Best Methods?

VLC For Chromebook: Do you want to watch a movie or open your favorite video file or audio file directly on your Chromebook with the help of a USB cable, pen drive, or SD card? It would help if you had a powerful multimedia tool like a VLC media player. This VLC media player is completely free and very easy to use. You are a Chromebook user, and you want to use the VLC media player on your Chromebook? Don’t worry, you are standing in the right place. We explained how to download and install a VLC media player on your Chromebook computer in the proposal.

About VLC Media Player:

The VLC media player (Video Lan Client) is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player software and streaming media server developed by the VideoLAN project. It is available for Windows operating systems, android devices, ios devices, and Ipad. It is available on digital distribution platforms such as apple’s application store and googles play store and available in the Microsoft store.

VLC Media player
VLC Media player

Using a VLC media player, we can enjoy many audio and video compression methods and file formats such as DVD video, Video CD, and streaming protocols. Using this, you can able to stream media over a computer network and can transcode multimedia files.

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How To Install VLC For Chromebook?

The VLC media player is a beautiful open-source application that allows you to open and see different video and audio formats on your Chromebook without any additional settings to run and watch video files. Here we give two different methods to install this VLC media player for Chromebook,

1. Install VLC for Chromebook Using chrome web browser
2. Install VLC for Chromebook Using Google play store.

Read the below instructions carefully, then install VLC ( VideoLAN Client media player ) on your Chromebook.

Method 1: How to Install VLC For Chromebook Using the Chrome Web Store:

  • Open your Chromebook’s browser here. Type chrome webstore,
  • Now, the chrome web store page is displayed here.
  • Type the required application name in the search bar, which is placed in the upper left corner
Install VLC using Chrome Webstore
Install VLC using Chrome Webstore
  • Scroll down and find the VLC media player offered by the chrome button.
  • Finally, press the download option, but it takes some minutes; after downloading is completed, install it.
  • That’s it. Your VLC media player installed successfully and ready to use.

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Method 2: How to Install VLC for Chromebook Using Google Play Store:

  • The first step is to install the google play store on your Chromebook
  • After the google play store is installed, open this play store and type VLC media player in the play store’s search box.
Install VLC using Google Playstore
Install VLC using Google Playstore
  • Swipe down on the search result and click the vlc app and download it.
  • Install it properly after downloading is completed.
  • The VLC downloading process takes some time, But after installing this vlc media player, you can play your favorite video and audio files on your Chromebook.

Advantages of VLC Media Player:

  • VLC is a very easy and straightforward process to install
  • It has a low power consumption
  • It is a light-based application, so it does not affect due to Electromagnetic radiation from the Radiofrequency system.

Best Alternatives for VLC media player:

  1. MX player
  2. Wuffy media player
  3. Power media player
  4. Xtreme media player
  5. Plex
  6. GOM player
  7. Kodi
  8. Archos video player
  9. CnX player


We describe two methods for installing a VLC media player on your device at the end of this section. I hope this proposal undoubtedly helps all Chromebook users. So friends, if you like this post, then share this with your friends and relatives who want to play their media files in the VLC media player, Thank you.


1. How do I enable the VLC plugin in chrome?

Ans: Open chrome and open the URL chrome://flags/#enable-nappi or Enable NPAPI and Restart the browser

2. How do I use VLC without installing it?

Ans: You download a compressed 7Zip or zip version of the VLC media player on your device from the official VLC download page for windows, extract it into a folder and run the program directly. So it requires no installation.

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