Audacity for Chromebook-How To Install

Audacity For Chromebook: Audacity is a free and open-source digital audio editor and recording application software. This Audacity is available for windows, macs OS, Linux, and other Unix-like operating systems. The project was started in the fall of 1999 by Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg at Carnegie Mellon University and released in may 28,2000 as version 0.8. In this article, we will see how to install Audacity for Chromebook, how to uninstall audacity for chromebook and features of audacity in detail.

How To Install Audacity for Chromebook:

Audacity offers a high range of editing features also its user-friendly interface. Applications for Chromebooks are often downloaded through the google play store approach. However, this Audacity for Chromebook does not support our low power system; we must go the other route. Put another way, you will have to use Linux to get Audacity. For most of the Chromebook books, Linux is pre-installed. However, it is still in beta. You go to the settings menu and select enable from the drop-down menu to use this feature. Please go here for further information on enabling Linux on your Chromebook. If your device has this beautiful function, you may follow the instructions here to install audacity for chromebook properly,

  • Open the Linux terminal in the launcher
  • To start installing Audacity, enter the following command in the terminal window already opened.
Install audacity for chromebook
Install audacity for chromebook
  • If you have done it all correctly upto this step, you will be able o enjoy the full benefits of the Linux operating system. What follows instead is a bewildering cacophony of bluster.
  • Its seems that Linux is questioning whether or not you wish to proceed. To respond, use the Y key option on your keyboard.
  • Finally, you will notice the green-coloured text at the end of the orders. Your program has been successfully installed now.
  • It’s the only matter of selecting Audacity from the launcher.

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How To Uninstall Audacity from your Chromebook:

If you want to uninstall this audacity application from your Chromebook, it can be done with fewer steps. For this, execute the command below in the Linux terminal. sudo apt remove audacity(you copy and past it). When this is done on Linux, you will be asked whether you want to proceed with the uninstalling procedure or not. If you click the Y option the same way as previously, Audacity will be removed from your Chromebook in seconds.

Why Audacity for Chromebook is unavailable:

Generally, it has two important reasons why Audacity is unavailable for Chromebook-based devices. However, this Audacity is an excellent application, so it does not support the Chromebook operating system.

1. Chromebook has small memory and less storage memory
2. Chrome-based devices are designed for cloud-based applications.

Features of Audacity for Chromebook:

In addition to recording audio from multiple sources, Audacity can be used for post-processing all types of audio, including effects such as normalization, trimming, and fading in and out. It has been used o record and mixes entire albums, such as by tune yards. It is currently used in the sound creation unit of the UK OCR national level 2 ICT course. Audacity’s features include,

Recording and playing back sounds:

  • Scrubbing
  • Timer record(schedule when a recording begins and ends for unattended recording)
  • MIDI playback
  • Punch and roll recording or editing on the fly


  • Through cut, copy, and paste with unlimited undo levels
  • Multitrack features include navigation controls, zoom, single track edit, protect pane and xy project navigation, non-destructive and destructive effect processing, and audio file manipulation.
  • Amplitude envelope editing
  • Precise adjustments o speed while maintaining pitch to synchronize audio with video or actual running time.
  • Conversion of cassette tapes or records or digital tracks by splitting the audio source into multiple tracks based on silences in the source material.
  • Cross-platform operation versions for windows,macos, and mix-like systems.
  • Detection of dropout errors while recording with an overburdened CPU

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Limitations of Audacity:

Audacity does not support instrument VST plugins. There are no real-time track equalizers or other real-time effect slots for playback or recording, and all such effects have to be rendered after recording and import. Audacity does not natively import or export WMA, AAC, AC3, or most other proprietary or restricted file formats. Rather, than optional FF MPEG library is required.

Alternative solution:

Many different online ways provide an excellent way to edit and record audio files and be accessed free of cost. You can download the most affordable audio editing tools over the internet on your Chromebook.

  • Audio converter
  • AudioTool
  • TwistedWave

Final words:

Now we entered into the conclusion of this post, So Audacity is the only possible way. Nowadays, most software designers are working on creating a more significant number of substitutes and alternatives for the users to avoid inconvenience. So you don’t need to download and install any application; the above alternative methods are just there in the browser. You can use this anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Is Linux safe for Chromebook?

Ans: Your Chromebook typically runs each app in a sandbox to protect your system. However, all Linux applications run inside the same sandbox, which means a harmful Linux application can affect other Linux apps but not the rest of your Chromebook.

2. Is Audacity free to use?

Ans: Yes, Audacity is free and open-source software. Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for windows,macos, Linux, and other operating systems.

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