How To Get Emojis on Chromebook 2022? 3 Best Way

How To Get Emojis on Chromebook: Emojis have become an essential part of our conversations, and as such, it’s great to have easy access to them on all your internet devices. Nowadays, most peoples love emojis, and they help expose feelings and add context to text conversations, and Chromebooks feature built-in support for typing emoticons. Emojis first became popular on smartphones, but they are just as necessary on computers. Chromebooks and chrome operating system tablets have built-in emoji as well. Most of the persons are not use emojis as much when typing on a laptop as they would on a smartphone. But still, windows and Mac devices include emoji support, and Chromebooks do. They are easy to access whenever you need that little extra touch that only an emoji can provide.

How To Use Emojis on Chromebook:

There are various ways to spice up your conversation and make your text more fun-filled. one of the funniest ways is to text applications with their emojis. Now Chromebooks come in form factor with the physical keyboard and touchscreen-only tablets. In this post, we give some guidelines about doing emojis on your Chromebook. Google’s emoji set is inbuilt into your Chromebook, so if you want to use emojis on a Chromebook, you don’t have to install a third-party application or anything of that sort. Emojis are relatively easy to access in the Chrome operating system compared to operating systems like windows and mac os. Here we explain three easy ways to get emojis on a Chromebook.

  • Using Your mouse or trackpad/touchpad
  • Using your Chromebook’s keyboard
  • Enabling and using the on-screen keyboard

Method 1: Using your mouse or trackpad, or touchpad

Using a trackpad is the easy and most straightforward method to get your favourite emojis on a Chromebook.

  • To get emojis on a Chromebook using your mouse or touchpad, move the cursor to the text field you want to insert the emoji.
  • Right-click the text field and click emoji.
  • Now the emoji keyboard will pop up.
How to use emojis on chromebook
How to use emojis on chromebook
  • Swipe and find the emoji you want to insert and click it to use it.
  • The emoji keyboard disappears after one click, though, so if you reuse it, you will need to follow the steps again.

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Method 2: Using Chromebook’s Keyboard

The emoji keyboard also has keypad shortcut keys. If you want to insert an emoji move the cursor to the text field where you want to insert the emoji and click it. Press search or launcher + shift + space. Now the emoji keyboard will pop up, swipe down and search and find the emoji you want to insert, and click it to use it if you’re going to press the keyboard shortcut every time to summon the emoji keyboard.

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Method 3: Enabling and using the Screen Keyboard

If you have a touchscreen Chromebook, you can use this method. It’s a better alternative to another way if you want to use emojis frequently. Chrome operating system has an on-screen keyboard built-in, which is pretty much the familiar google keyboard Gboard that we see on android. You can enable this in one click, and it does not disappear after clicking one emoji, like the emoji keyboard we have used in the above methods.

  • To enable the on-screen keyboard open the settings option on your Chromebook.
  • In the left navigation pane, click advanced.
  • Click accessibility in the expanded advanced settings.
  • Now hit the manage accessibility features, navigate to the keyboard and text input section
Emojis on chromebook
Emojis on chromebook
  • Click the toggle next to enable the on-screen keyboard.
  • After allowing the on-screen keyboard, you will get the virtual keyboard key on the bottom right near the time option.
  • Now press it to open the keyboard.
  • Click the emoji face button in the bottom row to the left to switch to the emoji section.
  • Here you can click your favourite emojis to insert.
  • To close the keyboard, click the close keyboard key at the bottom right-hand side of the keyboard.

Final Words:

Now we entered into the end of this post. Here we explained the different possible ways to do emojis on your Chromebook. With these three methods, you can use emojis on Chromebook operating system without difficulty. So friends, if you want to add emojis to your chat, why are you waiting? Let’s start emojis to your text and make it livelier. I hope this post undoubtedly helps all Chromebook users. Thank you.


1. How Do You get Emojis on a Chromebook Without On-Screen Keyboard?

Ans: This is the easiest one, to get emojis on your Chromebook using your mouse or touchpad, move the cursor to the text field where you want to insert the emoji. Now right-click the text field and click emoji. The emoji keyboard will pop up. Here you can select your favourite emoji.

2. How do I activate the emoji keyboard?

  • Open the standard emoji keyboard
  • Then open the touch keyboard
  • Now hit the square icon to enable the emoji touch keyboard
  • Here you choose your emoji.

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