How To Get DOSbox for Chromebook (Play DOS Games) 2022?

DOSbox for Chromebook: Do you want to get DOSbox for Chromebook and know how to play Dos Games on Chromebook? Then you are in the right place. Here, we will see what is Dosbox, how to get DosBox for Chromebook, How to Play Dosbox games in detail. DOSBOX is a free and open-source emulator which runs software for Microsoft DOS-compatible disk operating systems, primarily video games. This DOSBOX was first released in 2002.

DOSBOX is a complete system emulator that provides BIOS interrupts and contains its internal DOS-like shell. This means it can be used without owning a license to any natural DOS operating system. DOSbox is an environment that lets you run old school DOS games directly through the chrome browser. Given that Chromebooks ship with chrome, this is an easy solution to play older games. DOSbox has been made into a free extension that plugs directly into the browser for ease of use.

Does It Work With Chromebooks?

Yes, DOSBox works with Chromebooks or other modern devices supporting extensions. With the push for retro games being able to play them on a current device helps satisfy those eight-bit urges.

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How To Get DOSbox For Chromebook?

You are a Chromebook user, and you want to play your old school dos games, don’t worry. This post explains the easy step to play some excellent DOS classic games on your Chromebook. First, we will need to get DOSbox to permit this emulation.

  • The first step is you need to create a custom folder for DOS games. It is necessary because DOSbox requires a directory for your game files. You search and find the file application in your launcher. It will bring up the UI for the directory viewer. On the left side, See dictionary hit on the download folder. Now right click, then select the new folder. Then give it a name that will be easy to identify.
  • The second step is to download DOSBOX for Chromebook. This step is straightforward, download DOSbox for chrome through the chrome webstore, and you will see it show up on your toolbar.
  • Then download your favorite DOS games. There are a lot of free directories on online, so you can use to find copies of folder games. Here, we give some free manual titles you can reference if you don’t know where to start, DOS game Archive, Archive.Org, FreeDOS
Dosbox for chromebook
Dosbox for chromebook
  • After downloading your favorite game, then unzip the downloaded file. When you download the file, make sure it is an Exe. The file format may be in zip format; then, you unzip the file.
  • After that, relocate the file.Grap the exe. File and the hit and drag it into your newly created folder from earlier. Or example, you open the, click on the doom.exe file, then remove this file into the DOSBox folder.
  • The next step is to launch DOSbox. After you drop it into DOSbox, go and start the program through chrome, launch the browser, and then the application through the extension. You will see a blank screen in chrome. And do not start the game yet. If you do, the game will probably run at 200% speed, making it feel like it’s playing in fast motion and is unplayable, but you need not worry. We’ll adjust the settings next.
  • Now, you turn down the speed with DOSbox running in chrome. Hit the question mark icon at the bottom right to adjust the game speed. Search and find the option configure DOSbox and open it. It should look like a blank .txt file, now see the line that reads #DOSbox configuration file and enters a new line like it. Core=normal, Cycle=1000
  • Now, add the games to DOSbox, hit on the configure menu again, go to disk space management, and import the local directory to the c drive. This example will then prompt you to select the location of your saved games, which is DOSBox.
How to play dos games on chromebook
How to play dos games on chromebook
  • Now, you can play your favorite Dos game on your Chromebook. Here you should be able to play the maximum of DOS games directly through your browser on your Chromebook with this method. Some games will need to adjust, so you can manually adjust the cycle using the same methods as before.

If you get any trouble like the game speeding up and slowing down repeatedly, it could be due to a rendering problem or your Chromebook resources are hogged up.

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How To Play DOS Games On Chromebook?

You can play your favorite DOSbox games on your available modern device like Chromebook. This is done through the magic of DOSbox which allows the chrome operating system to emulate a virtual runtime environment directly through the chrome browser. Doing so permits your Chromebook to download, install and run the DOS games without the need for any other special plugging and scripts. You already have a massive library of free DOS games available, and DOSbox itself is entirely free to use.


We have entered the end of this article, and I hope the above steps help all Chromebook users and help those who want to play the DOSbox games on your Chromebook and how to get DOSbox for Chromebook. So friends, if you like this post, then share this post with your friends, thank you.


1. Can you get DOSbox on a Chromebook?

Ans: Yes, of course, Dosbox work with Chromebooks or any other system running chrome that supports extensions.

2. Is there a Dosbox for android?

Ans: The only actively developed DOS emulator for android and Chromebook operating systems is magic DOSBox, which is still receiving significant updates and an extraordinary application.

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