How To Download Camtasia For Chromebook 2022?

Camtasia For Chromebook: If you’re looking for a way to easily create and record video recordings on your Chromebook, then Camtasia is the software for you. This easy-to-use recording program can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store or through an app store such as App Store for Android. Once installed, Camtasia can be used to capture videos of any activity that takes place in front of your computer screen. Camtasia is a software suite created and published by TechSmith. This Camtasia is used to create and record video tutorials and presentations through a screencast or a direct recording plugin to Microsoft PowerPoint. Camtasia is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese versions.

How To Download Camtasia For Chromebook:

To install Camtasia on your Chromebook,

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser on your device.
  • Type “chrome://webstore” into the address bar at the top of the window and press Enter.
  • On the following page, click on “Add extension.” (Note: If this isn’t an option because you don’t have Chrome installed, you can download it for free from the Google Play store.)
  • On the “Add extension” page, click on the “Browse” button and select the “.crx” file that you downloaded earlier.
Camtasia for chromebook
Camtasia for chromebook
  • Click on “Install.”
  • When prompted to restart your device, do so.
  • After Camtasia installed, open it by clicking on its icon in Chrome’s toolbar (or pressing Ctrl+Shift+J).

How To Record on Camtasia:

To start recording just follow the below steps,

  • In Camtasia’s main window, click on the green record button () at the top left corner of your screen.
  • To stop recording, press the red stop button () at the top left corner of your screen.

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Camtasia’s Pros & Cons:

  • Camtasia provides much functionality to the user to edit videos, and you can add effects and filters to it.
  • Studio is well worth the cost of software due to its many options and simplicity.
  • It comes with a screen recorder that is integrated with the editor.
  • After recording, you can auto-create a Camtasia project and add the recorded video to it.
  • Free video and sound stocks.
  • Some instructors are hesitant and get frustrated when trying to learn the platform themselves.
  • Camtasia is tough
  • High price compared to other screen recorders
  • 64 bit only.

Features of Camtasia:

The main feature of Camtasia is structured around the three main steps, Record, Edit, Export or share

  • The first step is to record a video with a Camtasia recorder, and multi-display configurations are support.
  • The second step is to edit into Camtasia the recorded video, adding transitions, annotations, and all kinds of advanced editing features and effects.
  • The third step is to export or share the produced video as a local file format or upload it to a media or file sharing platform.

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Best Screen Recorder For Chromebook:

Chromebook does not support the Java plugin, which is needed by popular screencasting tools. On the other side, everything has changed, and there are now different options available for people who require a screen recorder for Chromebook. In this post, we give many alternative platforms specially designed to make screencasting possible when using a Chromebook.

1. Screencastify for chrome extension:

This screencastify is a regular video screen recording software program for Chromebook. It offers the most straightforward way of recording, editing, annotating, storing, and exporting video screen captures. You can use a particular tab or whole desktop with just a single touch on the button, and your entire experience will be synced with the G suite. you can also try the lite version of this software for free.

Screencastify for Chromebook
Screencastify for Chromebook

Screencastify is a free screen recorder chrome extension. However, users can record videos only up to five minutes in length. It also allows you to choose different file types to share your videos, such as MP3s, MP4s, and GIFs. Screencastify’s google drive integration allows all of your recorded videos to be saved directly to your google drive.

2. Nimbus screenshot and screencast:

Nimbus Screenshot and screencast can be used to screen record the entire webpage or any option. You can edit screenshots, record screencasts, and record videos straight from your monitor. This nimbus recording module allows you to snap screen capture and record 4K recording. There is no limits on the number of videos you can record. There are no limits on how long your screen is recorded. And the drawing tool lets you make up your screen while recording.

3. Openvid screen recorder:

Openvid screen recorder is the free screen recorder for Chromebook and service that you can avail for the recording of your browser tabs, webcam, application windows, desktop, and a combination of these, optionally with the narration via your microphone.

4. Loom:

If you search for the best screen recorder for Chromebook, the loom is the right choice. This loom for Chromebook is an excellent screencasting extension that will help you instantly record your screen and share it across the different platforms on the internet.

5. Screen recorder and video editor:

Another excellent screen recording tool for Chromebook is a screen recorder and video editor. This is designed for a Chromebook, a capture screen that instantly makes shareable videos. This loom tool has an extensive range of features that make it a reliable screen recorder for Chromebook.

6. Screen recorder:

This screen recorder is a best screen recording tool for Chromebook users. Since it has an easy-to-use interface and is available for free, it is probably the best screen recorder for Chromebook.

7. Clapboard:

The clapboard tool will help you record professional-looking videos with pitch-perfect sound. Clapboard can help you record screens to save in different situations, from internal team interaction to creating tutorials for your customers.


In this proposal, we explained Camtasia for Chromebook and some alternative screen recording tools for Chromebook. I hope this post undoubtedly helps all Chromebook users. So friend, read this post and record your Chromebook windows and please share this post with your friends and relatives. Thank you.


1. How long can a Chromebook record video?

Ans: Unlimited recording time-!5 minutes may not be enough. A deluxe plan gives total recording time. An infinite amount of recordings create an unlimited amount of recordings.

2. Does zoom work on Chromebook?

Ans: Yes, installing zoom on your Chromebook is just as easy as any application. Open your Chromebook web store and search the zoom application or go directly to the zoom entry in the chrome web store. From the zoom entry, click adds to chrome and then when prompted, hit add the extension.

3. Is There Anything Better Than Camtasia?

Ans: Yes, Flora X is a better latest video editor and screen recorder by wondershare. If you want a very similar program to Camtasia, it has more dazzling visual effects and transitions. Using this flora X, you can edit and share up to 4K resolution and have up to 100 media layers.

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