How To Crop Screenshot On Chromebook

How to crop a screenshot on Chromebook: Chromebook is one of the best devices that we use nowadays. All the Chromebook users know the unique features of Chromebook. This is why most people use my Chromebook. Some of the settings of chrome book are very different from other PCs. At first, you will find some difficulties in using this device. But eventually, you will efficiently study the functional elements of this device. Taking a screenshot is a common way of saving information. Here let us see how to crop a screenshot on Chromebook. It is an easy process. Just follow the steps correctly. 

How To Crop A Screenshot On Chromebook – Step by Step Guide:

A few years back, people wrote down the information they wanted in a book after referring. While the computer was introduced, they found an easy way to save the information in a quick process. This process is called copy paste. Screenshots were used and presented in intelligent phones a few years back. This feature was a life-saving feature. It was used to save the information without any error or difference. You can also use these on laptops. In this way, you can save valuable time. Just follow the steps below,

  • We can easily take a screenshot in Chromebook with a few shortcuts. It is not at all challenging to take a screenshot.
  • To capture a full screenshot, all the elements on the screen will be included.
  • As the first step, take the screen you want to take a screenshot. Click on the ctrl and switch the window option at the same time.
How to take a screenshot on chromebook 2022
How to take a screenshot on chromebook 2022
  • This option is on above the number 5 key on your keyboard.
  • There you see an option called take screenshot from the upper right corner of the main menu.
  • Now the processing is completed. These screenshots will be saved as a picture on your device.

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Screenshot on chromebook
Screenshot on chromebook
  • It will not consume any of your external spaces as you see.
  • You can edit this screenshot if you want using any photo editing software.
  • If you want to crop the screenshot at the same time when you take it, you will find a crop option for the screenshot option. 
  • Select the particular area in which you want your screenshot. And take it.
  • All the steps given above are easy to follow. Just make sure to follow it in the right way.

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Features of Chromebook:

  • The battery life of the Chromebook is more when compared to other devices.
  • The touch screen of the Chromebook is perfect. It responds very well in a short period.
  • All the setup done in the Chromebook is straightforward and humble. Even a kid can easily use a Chromebook.
  • The security setup is solid in that the content you enter into the device will remain the same, and you will not lose any documents.
  • In Chromebook, the software is in different sandboxes.


This is how to crop a screenshot on Chromebook and the process is straightforward. Screenshots saved as a picture on your device. If you wish, you can delete it also. Taking a screenshot will not make any changes to your device. But the functions that you perform will be automatically save in the device. Follow the steps with absolute confidence. If you find any errors, try all the steps one more time. Take the device to its service center. I hope the above content has helped you in a way that you have expected it to.


1. What is the need to include a screenshot facility in a PC?

Ans: In pc or Chromebook, we deal with a lot of information. But some functions in our computer not working properly. That time, we need screenshot facility to copy and paste that screen.

2. Is the screenshot facility in computers and smartphones the same?

Ans: Yes, the screenshot facilities in computers and smartphones are the same. There is no difference in the final product, and the way that we take a screenshot is different. 

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