How To Connect Hotspot To Chromebook

How To Connect Hotspot To Chromebook: In a pandemic situation, most students may not have a reliable internet connection and their online classes and complet their home school homework. And many of these students may turn on using their mobile phone or family member’s mobile phone as a hotspot. The hotspot permits the smartphone to broadcast a wireless signal that the Chromebook or other capable devices such as computers, laptops, or Mac devices can connect to. When the device is connected to the hotspot, the student will access the internet. This post explains how to connect your android or iphone device hotspot to your Chromebook. Using the hotspot is also called mobile tethering. It can help you save your money on a home internet plan or give your Chromebook access to a wifi connection.

About Chromebook:

The operating system of the Chromebook powered by google successfully provides a seamless browsing experience to millions of users around the world. Most peoples are familiar with Google products, and in that case, it becomes simple to switch to the Chromebook. Many features of the modern Chromebook make the device popular among users.


Speed is the essential feature of all technical gadgets. The Chromebook is very famous due to its speed, and the Chromebook device boots up speedy and updates automatically without any interruption.


The Chromebook operating system consists of innovative features such as extended battery life, enhanced storage, instant tethering, etc. You can easily switch between the devices with this technology.

How To Connect Hotspot To Chromebook (Step by Step Procedure):

Chromebook is designed for mobile use, so setting up to access your smartphone’s hotspot signal is a simple process. However, due to Chromebook’s limited cloud-based functionality, you cannot set up a mobile tethering if the connection requires you to install drivers or other software.

  • Swipe your smartphone’s screen, enable the hotspot option in your mobile app drawer and ensure proper signal strength.
  • If your smartphone’s data connection is not strong, the Chromebook may not be able to detect or stay connected to the hotspot.
  • Then, Click the mobile network icon on your smartphone’s home screen and enable the wifi connection if necessary.
  • Locate the smartphone’s wifi network name, listing available connections. Then press two times to start the setup process.
Connect hotspot to chromebook
Connect hotspot to chromebook
  • Now, enter your hotspot’s password when prompted. You can find this information in the phone’s hotspot settings menu.
  • Here, wait a few seconds for the Chromebook to configure the IP address, Mac address, and other network settings.
  • After the setup process and the network, the icon light is on, and the connection is established.

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How To Setup Iphone As a Wifi Hotspot:

  • Open your apple iphone device
  • From home, screen Go to the setting option
  • Then Click the cellular option
  • Now Press personal Hotspot
connect hotspot to chromebook using android phone
connect hotspot to chromebook using android phone
  • Now tap on the wifi password
  • Here enter your Available wifi Password the hit the done option
  • Finally, tap the personal hotspot switch to enable it

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How To Setup An Android Smartphone As a Wifi Hotspot:

  • Open your android smart device
  • Now go on the settings option
  • Click the more button at the bottom of the wireless and network section right below the data usage.
  • Then Open the Mobile hotspot and tethering (you may need to click more options to see this)
  • Click o the Setup wifi hotspot
  • Now input a network name or tap on the wifi and see if your android smart device appears.
  • Here select your security type.
  • Assuming you made the secure choice above, enter a password.
  • A mobile hotspot is one of the essential features that lets you share your version wireless network connection with another device so they can access the internet.

Final Words:

So Here we explain connecting a mobile phone’s hotspot to your Chromebook. I hope this post is helpful ad provides some valuable points for you. So if you are a Chromebook user, read this post and if you like this post, share this blog with your friends. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you make a hotspot to a Chromebook?

Ans: Of course, if there is no wifi available, .you can tether your Chromebook to an android hotspot. So you can access the internet through your phone’s data plan. To fast connect to your phone’s hotspot, choose the phone icon in the bottom taskbar and enable the hotspot in the mobile phone hub.

2. Why won’t my Chromebook connect to my mobile hotspot?

Ans: If your Chromebook is not connected to your mobile phone’s hotspot, restart your devices. After that setup, the connection again. Additionally, ensure running the latest ChromeOS version and remove preferred networks. If the problem persists, contact your It admin or carrier.

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