How To Connect Chromebook to Wi-Fi Without Password?

Connect Chromebook to Wi-Fi Without Password: Chromebooks are good and most helpful when connected to the internet. It is straightforward to connect your Chromebook to a Wi-Fi internet connection. Wi-Fi means the wireless network that utilizes a radio frequency signal to connect the internet between your devices. Nowadays, most use gadgets from android smartphones to personal computers. Others may not be able to imagine what life would be without Wi-Fi. A house, an office, and many public places have this Wi-Fi connection. In the present world, most Wi-Fi networks are password protected. Even public Wi-Fi has started to ge controlled. Most of the places you visit have passwords posted in the building to help prevent bandwidth thieves from the outside and to encrypt the data transmission on the inside.

How To Connect Chromebook to Wi-Fi Without Password:

If you want to use a Wi-Fi internet connection without a Wi-Fi password, don’t worry, in this article, you will see various methods to connect to Wi-Fi without a password.

  • WPS to connect without a password
  • Router guest mode without password
  • QR code on WPS to access Wi-Fi without a password

Method 1: Connect Chromebook to Wi-Fi without password using WPS

The expansion of the WPS is a Wi-Fi Protected Setup. WPS is an older technology that functions on networks using the WPA personal or WPA2 personal security protocol. WPS has been replaced with DPP, Which means device Provision Protocol. Using this wifi-protected Setup is straightforward ad accessible. Generally, all you need to do is ensure you have the correct settings on your smartphone or another guest device and ensure you can access the router physically. Here we explain how to do it,

  • Open your device
  • Launch the Settings application from the home screen
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Now Click on the network and internet settings section
  • Here you tap on the Wi-Fi option
  • Then click on the Additional Settings icon
  • After that, choose Connect by WPS button option
Connect chromebook to wifi without password
Connect chromebook to wifi without password
  • A dialogue box will open, telling you to push the WPS button to the router.
  • The exact steps may vary slightly depending on your operating system and device version.
  • You have thirty seconds to do this process before the WPS handshake protocol shuts down.
  • Then, you will have to repeat these steps. Now push the PS button.
  • Finally, your smartphone is connected to an available Wi-Fi connection without a password.
  • This WPS was an easy, convenient and practical method to connect to a Wi-Fi network without a password. However, it was prone to password and SSID hacking, mostly from hacked internet of things devices and brust force on the pin.

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Method 2: Connect Chromebook to Wi-Fi Using Router guest mode

Another option to connect without a Wi-Fi password is to use a Guest Wi-Fi connection. As mentioned earlier, this method is different from connecting to a secured network as a guest. A guest network you may already know is a Wi-Fi network that is unsecured and unencrypted and usually requires no password to connect. The term usually is used because a password can be set up in the router’s settings if the owner desires one.

Connect chromebook to router guest mode
Connect chromebook to router guest mode

Once you select agree or accept it, open to Wi-Fi internet access. The downside of a guest network without a password is potential bandwidth limits set by the business. However, it is probably fine for your mountain top cabin or your second home on mars. Regardless, guest networks work for any device type.

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Method 3: Connect to Wi-Fi using a QR code on WPS to access Wi-Fi

If you want to access someone’s WPS Wi-Fi network, you can always use a QR code instead. Remember that the QR code method is a bit involved and requires some technical knowledge.

  • On Iphone open the camera application and click on the settings option.
  • Make sure that the QR code scanning is enabled.
  • On Android, download an application that scans QR codes
  • Launch the QR code application on an Android smartphone and scan the QR code on the back of the router.
  • You should receive a banner or notification to connect to the Wi-Fi network, click on the Wi-Fi SSID to connect.

Final Words:

Now we have entered the conclusion of this article, I hope you understand the above different methods. I think this post is undoubtedly helpful for all Wi-Fi internet connection users, if you feel this post is helpful to connect your smartphone To Wi-Fi without the internet, then share this post with your friends, thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I share my Wi-Fi password on my Chromebook from my phone?

Ans: To get this screen from the android settings, go to the connected device, select the connection preferences, and click on the Chromebook. The Wi-Fi network and password will now be shared on your devices.

2. What is a WPA2 Password?

Ans: WPA2 password is the second generation protocol of wifi-protected access.WPA2 password is used to protect your home Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access. Released in 2006, it has survived the test of time when it comes o network protection.

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