How To Cast Chromebook To Chromecast 2022? Best Method

Cast Chromebook To Chromecast: The amazing thing about Chromebook is that google chrome OS has built-in support for Chromecast devices, which means you don’t want to browser or an extension to cast your Chromebook’s screen. In this article, we will explain how to Cast Chromebook to Chromecast. Before you start, make sure your Chromecast is updated to the newly updated firmware. Also, you should update to the latest version of the Chrome Operating system of your Chromebook.

Having a Chromecast already connected to your television also means you don’t need to connect your Chromebook to view media physically. Without Chromecast, you just need an HDMI cable to connect your Chromebook to your tv. Depending on the Chromebook model, you may even need a USB type C port adapter. Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, and Vizion, like this type of Tvs, already have integrated Chromecast components. So it does not require an external Chromecast device.

How To Cast Chromebook To Chromecast:

Your Chromebook has a build cast option so that you can click a button, and your desktop casts to a Chromecast. This is the simple and most straightforward method to get media onto your tv.

  • Click the shelf’s system clock located in the right bottom corner.
  • Now pop up appear on your screen and click the cast option
  • Select your Chromecast device,
Cast chromebook to chromecast
Cast chromebook to chromecast
  • Next, click your desktop screen and hit the share option in this next pop-up window. Done

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How To Stop Casting Chromebook Screen:

You will need to stop casting from the Chromebook manually when you are done. Just click the system clock on your Chromebook again, then click stop from the casting card that opens at the top of the menu.

How To Cast From Apps from Chromebook to Chromecast:

If you don’t need to share your whole desktop screen, the following approach is to cast from a specific service.

  • You don’t want to start media playback before casting from the application. And just click the cast icon to get started.
  • For example, on Netflix, you will need to load the media’s home page first before casting.
  • For instance, if you load the landing page, you will see the cast icon located in the bottom right corner of your Chromebooks screen.
  • While casting,the cast icon is temporarily present on the Chromebook’s toolbar.
  • If you always want to keep this cast icon on the toolbar, right-click it and click the always show icon option.

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How To Cast Video From Chromebook To Chromecast:

Your Chromebook can stream more videos displayed in your browser to your Chromecast. Then follow the below steps,

  • Open google chrome on your Chromebook
  • Then select the menu option in the top right corner that select the three vertical dots.
  • Here click the cast option.
  • From this cast box, just choose your available cast device(cast desktop)
  • Then select your Chromecast from the list
Cast video to chromebook
Cast video to chromebook
  • You will be asked what you’d like to share. Your whole display is selected by default.
  • Make sure share audio is checked when selecting share.
  • Now the cast icon appears on your chrome toolbar to mention it you are casting.

Final Words:

Now that we entered the end of this article, I hope the above instruction is helpful to Cast Chromebook to Chromecast. With the help of the above instructions, you can easily cast your Chromebook to Chromecast. If you are a Chromebook user, read this post and enjoy its features. If you like this post, then share this post with your friends, thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why can I not cast my Chromebook to my Tv?

Ans: If you cannot connect anything from your Chromebook to the tv, you can try a different HDMI cable and port. Then check your network. Unplug your router, disable AP isolation, and ensure all your devices are on the same network. Still, it happens to restart the media router features.

2. How do I stream on a Chromebook?

  • Be on the stable, reliable WIFI.
  • Open your Chromebook
  • Then go to
  • Enable access to your microphone and camera
  • Then hit the go-live option

3. Why won’t my Chromebook not find my Chromecast?

Ans: Ensure both Chromecast and the Chromebook devices are connected to the same wifi network. Chrome cannot see Chromecast devices on different networks. Connect your Chromebook to an available wifi network.

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