How To Install FlashGet On Chromebook

Are you a Chromebook user who’s looking for a reliable and easy-to-use download manager? If so, then FlashGet is the perfect solution for you!

With FlashGet, you can easily manage your downloads and ensure that they’re always running smoothly. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with your Chrome browser, so you’ll never have to go without your favourite download manager again!

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About FlashGet:

FlashGet is a free cloud-based download manager that allows you to download files from the Internet at high speeds. It is available for use on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chromebook users can also use FlashGet by installing the Android version of the app from the Google Play Store.

FlashGet can be used to download files of any type, including videos, music, games, and software. It supports multiple download protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. FlashGet is also integrated with popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

When downloading a file using FlashGet, you can specify the file name, save location, and file format. You can also set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads and choose to download only the files you want. FlashGet will then create a queue of files to be downloaded one after the other.

How to install FlashGet on Chromebook:

FlashGet is not currently available for Chromebooks, but there is a similar program called jDownloader that can be used instead. FlashGet is a free, open-source download manager that supports a wide variety of file types, including Flash files.

To install FlashGet on your Chromebook:

1. Visit the flashget website ( and click the Download button.
2. Select the “.crx” file that was downloaded and click Open.
3. Click Add in the confirmation dialogue that appears.
4. Click the flashget icon (it looks like a green “F”) to launch the program.
5. Follow the prompts to finish setting up the FlashGet

Once you have FlashGet installed, you can use it to download Flash files just like you would with FlashGet on a Windows or Mac computer.

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Why use FlashGet on a Chromebook?

There are several reasons to use FlashGet on a Chromebook. One reason is that it can help you manage your downloads more efficiently.

  • Another reason to use FlashGet is that it can help you avoid downloading viruses and other malicious software. This is because FlashGet can scan websites for malicious content before you download anything from them.
  • Finally, FlashGet can also help improve your Chromebook’s battery life.
  • This is because when you use FlashGet to download files, they are downloaded in small pieces spread out over time.
  • This means that your Chromebook doesn’t have to work as hard to download the files, which conserves battery power.

How to use FlashGet on a Chromebook:

  1. Once the installation is completed, you will be able to find the FlashGet icon in your app drawer. Click on it to launch the app.
  2. In order to use FlashGet, you need to have a supported file hosting account. At present, FlashGet supports more than 30 popular file hosting sites such as Rapidgator, Uploaded, Filefactory etc.
  3. Once you have logged into your file hosting account, you can start downloading files using FlashGet.

Top Features of FlashGet for Chromebook:

FlashGet for Chromebook is a great choice for downloading files on your Chromebook. It’s a full-featured download manager that can accelerate your downloads and make it easier to manage them. Here are some of the top features of FlashGet for Chromebook:

  • Download accelerator: FlashGet can accelerate your downloads by up to 12 times. It does this by splitting the files into multiple parts and downloading them simultaneously.
  • Easy-to-use interface: The interface is very user-friendly and easy to use. You can easily add, pause, or stop downloads with just a few clicks.
  • Advanced management features: FlashGet comes with advanced management features that make it easy to organize and manage your downloads. You can set priorities, and schedules, and categorize your downloads.
  • Integrated with Chrome: FlashGet integrates with Chrome so you can manage your downloads directly from the Chrome browser.


Overall, FlashGet for Chromebook is a great tool for downloading files from the internet. It’s easy to use and has a lot of features that make it a great choice for power users. However, there are some things that could be improved, such as the interface and the lack of support for some file formats.


How do I download FlashGet on Chrome?

  • Right-click the menu item to send links, images, and videos to FlashGet.
  • Interruption mode: in this mode, the extension interrupts the built-in download manager and sends the downloading job to the FlashGet download manager (you need to enable this mode by left-clicking the toolbar button first

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