iMessage for Chromebook-Best Methods

iMessage for Chromebook: Do you want to use the iMessage app on Chromebook? Is it possible to use the MAC app on Chromebook? Yes. Let’s see how it is possible to download iMessage for Chromebook, and how to use iMessage for Chromebook in detail. iMessage is a great application that is used to connect you with different types of users. Using the MAC application on any other device is a bit tricky. But it is possible on Chromebook now. Using one simple method, you can easily connect your MAC to your device and enjoy iMessage features. Before that, first will see what is iMessage app?

About iMessage for Chromebook:

The iMessage application is a cross-platform messaging application for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, and Windows Phone that lets you send text messages, pictures, videos, audio, documents, and contacts from one Apple device to another. iMessage’s goal is to compete with third-party messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. iMessage is one of the most useful ways of communicating with people. It makes communication fun and convenient. If you and your friends went on the trip and took pictures, then you want to share those pictures with your friends. You can simply do it on your Chromebook using the iMessage application.

How To Download iMessage for Chromebook:

You can easily sync iMessage to your Chromebook, so you won’t miss any of your friends’ messages when you’re away from home. There 2 methods available to download the iMessage app. They are,

  • Using Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Google Playstore

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How to Download iMessage for Chromebook using Chrome Remote Desktop?

Using Chrome Remote desktop, you can easily connect your MAC phone to your Chromebook, then use the iMessage app on your device. Simply, follow the below steps carefully.

  • Make sure, you have downloaded and installed Chrome remote desktop on your MAC and your Chromebook
  • Visit Chrome web store and search for Chrome Remote Desktop extension.
Chrome remote desktop
Chrome remote desktop
  • Then click to install it on your Chromebook
  • At the same time, install the Remote desktop app on your MAC device.
  • Now, launch the app on Chromebook as well as on MAC device
  • Kindly, follow the screen instruction on both devices and enter the code to share the screen
  • Now, you will get access to use MAC or Chromebook as a remote control
  • Finally, you can find and use the iMessage application of MAC using the Chrome Remote desktop app
Download imessage app for chromebook
Download iMessage App for Chromebook
  • That’s it. Now, you can receive and send all messages on the iMessage app using Chromebook.

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How To Download iMessage for Chromebook using Google Playstore?

Google Playstore on Chromebook is also the best option to download the iMessage app. Make sure, you are using the latest version of Chromebook which have access to Google Playstore, then follow the steps carefully

  • If your Chromebook is the compatible and latest version, then install Google Playstore on it.
  • Now, Launch Google Playstore and search for the iMessage app on your device
iMessage app using Google Playstore
iMessage app using Google Playstore
  • That’s it. Click to download the iMessage app and enjoy chatting features
  • Suppose, your Chromebook is compatible with the Google Playstore app, you can download the Playstore app file and install it manually to access the iMessage application.

Features of iMessage App:

  • iMessage is the new texting app that allows you can send photos and video clips
  • It’s simple and secure, your friends will see it, and you won’t have to worry about messages being seen by anyone else.
  • Messages you send disappear after 24 hours.
  • You can message multiple people at once, and they get individual messages from you.
  • Your phone number never changes.
  • You can use the same iMessage account across all your devices and Create unlimited custom emoticons
  • Easily reply to your friends’ messages with custom emoji.
  • Share animated emojis to your friends directly in Messages.
  • View recent conversations by tapping “See all” at the top.


iMessage for Chromebook is possible now. You can simply use the above methods to download and use iMessage to share images or video clips to your friends on your Chromebook now. I hope the article about iMessage is really helpful for you. Choose any one method and start sharing now.

1. Can you get iPhone messages on Chromebook?

Ans: Yes, but you have to download the iMessage app on your Chromebook using Google Playstore or any method and get access to use iMessage, then you can get messages on your device.

2. Can I get texts on my Chromebook?

Ans: Yes, you can. On your phone, go to the messaging app and search for more messages for the web option. Now, it asks you to scan the QR code. So, scan the QR code on your Chromebook. Finally, your phone is connected to Chromebook now. Enjoy the text messages on Chromebook now.

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