How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook 2 Best Ways

How to copy and paste on chromebook: Chromebook is a version developed by Google to make more productive time. It is a pc which contains many features other than other PCs. Interestingly, Google took a huge thought into the development of software. The features that the chrome book provides are quite cool to be followed. The design of the chrome book is developed with various forms of features. Google made sure that all the features of chrome should stand out.

Each element that the chromebook has different functionalities. At first, many users may think that chrome book is a little complicated. But eventually, it will be the best form of software you can see. It is a great laptop. Chromebooks are present in the store on laptops and tablets. Tablets are easier to carry everywhere. Most of the processes are on the tablet and laptop. Here let us see how to copy and paste on the chrome book. It is an easy process, but most people find it difficult to find. So here we present some awesome ways to copy and paste on chromebook.

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Copy And Paste On Chromebook Using Keyboard:

The copy-paste option is waiting, similar to the other windows operating systems. It will be much easier to use a keyboard shortcut to copy-paste. There are other easy ways too. Just follow the steps above.

Copy And Paste On Chromebook
Copy And Paste On Chromebook
  1. As the first and foremost step, selecting the particular text you want to copy-paste is highly recommended.
  2. Make sure that no unnecessary content is added in this process. Make sure to select the exact content that you need.
  3. Net, you should press the control button located at the bottom of the keyboard. You will see two of them there. You can select whichever you want.
  4. Now with the ctrl, you should click on the c button. C is the shortcut key for a copy. But with the help of ctrl only, it will work.
  5. After the copy process is completed, it is time to paste your content. For this process, you should find the correct location where you need to paste the text.
  6. Make sure that the content is in the right place. If the content is not in the right place, it may cause a difference in other text in your system.
  7. Now for pasting, you can easily click on ctrl and v together. V is the shortcut key for pasting.
  8. Now the whole Copy And Paste On Chromebook is completed successfully.

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Copy And Paste On Chromebook Using Mouse:

  • It is rather easy to use a mouse for the copy past operations. All the steps are really easy to be followed. So make sure to follow it correctly.
  • Select the content that you want to copy-paste. Now make sure the content you have selected has no extra elements you don’t want.
  • Now right, click on the selected content. Now you will see many other elements that you need for the processing. From all the options you see, click on the copy option given.
  • Now select the location where you want to paste the content. In that location, again right-click. You will also see many options from that options. Click on the paste option.
  • Now the content that you want will be passed successfully.
  • Just follow all the steps as it is given above.


Copy-paste is a feature that we use many times in our life. The main process of copy-paste is to get the content as it is and keep it somewhere else. Doing this will be much easier to get the content without losing anything. All the steps given above are really easy. You can use it multiple times as your wish.

However, since the process contains many steps, there is a chance to get errors. So make sure not to create errors. If any error occurs, then just follow the steps one more time. If anything else gives you an error, it is better to visit a service centre. Hope the above content helped you in the way you have expected it to.


Is it easy to use a chrome book?

  • It is really easy to use chrome book. At first, you will find it different from other PCs. But eventually, you will get used to it. If any difficulty is formed, there is always a manual that you can follow whenever you want.

Can we use other browsers in chrome book?

  • Yes, you can use other browsers as in a normal computer. But the preferred one will always be Google chrome.

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