How To Connect Xbox Controller To Chromebook 2022? 2 Best Way

Connect Xbox Controller To Chromebook: The Xbox controller is the primary game controller for Microsoft’s Xbox home video game console, and this Xbox controller was introduced at the game developers conference in 2000. The Xbox controller features dual vibration motors and two analog triggers, two analog sticks, a digital directional pad, a back button, a start button, two accessory slots, and six eight-bit analog action buttons (A-Green color button. B-Red color button, Y-Yellow color button, X-Blue color button, Black but and white button).

If you are an Xbox controller user and want to connect your Xbox controller to your Chromebook? don’t worry. This proposal shows you how to connect your Xbox controller with your Chromebook, and that means you can use your Xbox controller to play games on your Chromebook. Connecting your Xbox controller to your Chromebook is very simple and easy, and it works with both Xbox One and Xbox series X controllers.

How To Connect Xbox Controller To Chromebook With a USB cable:

One fantastic piece of news is that connect Xbox controller to Chromebook is very simple. The simplest and fastest way is by simply clicking your Xbox controller on Chromebook using a USB cable to plug your gamepad directly into the Chromebook.

  • The first step is to turn on your Chromebook
  • Then Enable your Chromebook device to Bluetooth
Connect xbox controller to chromebook
Connect xbox controller to chromebook
  • Now Plug a micro Universal serial bus cable into your Xbox controller
  • Then plug the USB cable’s other end into your Chromebook
  • If your Chromebook is not, find your Xbox controller to turn off and on again, otherwise, unplug your controller and plug it into your device.

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Connect Xbox Controller To Chromebook with Bluetooth(Wireless connection):

If you want to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook using Bluetooth, we give step by step process.

  • Check your Chromebook has inbuilt on whether you need to purchase a Bluetooth Dongle or plugin.
  • Then go to settings on your Chromebook and select the Bluetooth settings
  • Now your Chromebook will then start searching for available device
  • On your Xbox controller, press and hold the pair button for three seconds to start pairing. The Xbox controller button will start blinking
  • The controller will appear in the Bluetooth menu after you pair or connect your Xbox controller.
  • Then choose it and press Done to confirm the connection.

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How To Remote Play Xbox On A Chromebook:

Google’s integration of an Android into the google chrome operating system Opens up several ways possible. One of those is remote playing your Xbox One, Xbox series, or Xbox Series S from another room in the house to your Chromebook or laptop. There are two essential steps to remote play. The first step is to set it up on your Xbox console, and another one is Uses the Xbox App for android, which you should download on your Chromebook. But the second step helps with the first one. If you don’t enable the remote play on your console, the better thing is to get on it from the Xbox app on either your phone or Chromebook, though it can be done via settings.

  • In the Xbox Application, click the console tab
  • Then click on the set up a new console
  • Now select Add an existing console
  • Press Next option
  • Finally, head over to your Xbox controller console and select enable from the pop-up on the screen.
xbox controller
xbox controller
  • Once you enable your console for remote access, you will see it in the consoles tab in the Xbox application.
  • You must click on the relevant console and select the remote play option from the pop-up to allow remote play.

You will need a controller attached to your Chromebook’s mouse, and the keyboard is not supported but connecting your Xbox gamepad is simple. It is the wired controller, then insert this cable. If you use Bluetooth one, click this Xbox console to your Chromebook in the Bluetooth settings menu and go wire-free.

Final Words:

So, Here we explain two methods to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook. I hope you have understood the above two methods. I think this proposal is undoubtedly helpful to all Xbox controller users and if you feel this post is beneficial to connect the Xbox controller to your Chromebook, then share this post with your friends. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you connect the Xbox controller to Hp?

Ans: You can connect an Xbox controller to your Personal computer through a USB cab;e and Bluetooth or an Xbox wireless adapter. To connect an Xbox one controller to your Personal computer through Bluetooth or a wireless adapter, you will need to use windows Bluetooth and other devices menu.

2. Does the Xbox controller have Bluetooth?

Ans: You can use an Xbox One controller on your android device by pairing it using Bluetooth. Pairing an Xbox one controller with an android device will allow you to use the controller on the device.

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