How To Connect PS4 Controller to Chromebook 5 Easy Steps

Connect PS4 Controller to Chromebook : Chromebook is very popular for its unique qualities such as its speed, ease to handle, and the fact that it is easy to carry around. Generally, the Chromebook was created for office work, education purposes, and projects. Although few Chromebook users only know that this Chromebook device can be used for games or play with a ps4 controller. This post will give some guidelines about doing it correctly without wasting your time.

If you are ready to use your Chromebook as a monitor or PlayStation games or want to connect only the controller directly to your Chromebook, following the below instructions will help you.

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How To Connect Ps4 Controller To Chromebook:

To do this, follow the below steps to set everything up quickly and efficiently,

STEP 1: First turn on your Chromebook and go to setting application on your Chromebook. on the main setting page click the Bluetooth settings

STEP 2: After the Bluetooth page is open, your Chromebook will start searching for newly available devices.

Connect PS4 Controller to Chromebook
Connect PS4 Controller to Chromebook

STEP 3: On the PS4 controller, hold on to the Share and PlayStation logo(PS logo) button until the lightbar flashing.

STEP 4: Then, back on the Chromebook, here select the wireless controller from the list of available devices.

Chromebook will start searching for newly available devices
Chromebook will start searching for newly available devices

STEP 5: Finally give some time, and they should pair.

Now your controller is paired to your Chromebook, and the next step is to launch your favorite game and enjoy that game. Some games are already designed for the controller, and you do not need to configure it. However, you’ll have to adjust the control to suit you in some cases manually.

How To Play Ps4 On Your Chromebook With HDMI Cable:

One of the fast and simple ways to connect PS4 to your Chromebook is using this HDMI cable. Your device receives information from the HDMI cable and sends it to another device. Or the device connected through this HDMI port.

Another thing with a Chromebook is that it is limited to supporting the output data when connected to HDMI. As a result, you can only display the Chromebook data on another screen, but you cannot join another device to it.

Following these instructions, you can get an idea of playing PS4 on your Chromebook. Before you start ps4 on your Chromebook, you should prepare the below-given things,

  1. PS4
  2. Chromebook
  3. Dual functioning HDMI cable
  4. Male video adapter
  5. Female DVI D
  6. DVI cable
  7. Internet(high-speed internet)

Before you start, you need to configure the display, and to do that, you need a good and stable wifi signal which means that you should connect Chromebook and PS4 to the same wifi.

Then install the PS4 remote play application on your Chromebook from the play store. Accordingly, the Chromebook is not designed for gaming, and it will not have enough space to support heavy games. After downloading this ps4 remote play application, it is time for you to get your HDMI port ready to come in contact with the female DVI D along with the male DVI adapter. And don’t forget to make sure you have an excellent quality DVI cable as the quality of the signals depends on it. Thus, your gaming experience will also depend on the internet speed these signals are transmitted.

The most important thing is that you must use the audio port of your PS4 to attach the speakers or headphones.

Final Words:

We have entered the end of this post, and I hope the above instructions help connect Playstation 4 controller to your Chromebook. With the help of the above instructions, you can easily connect the PS4 controller to Chromebook without difficulty. So so you are a Chromebook user who wants to play a game on your Chromebook, this post helps you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I put my PS4 controller in pairing mode?

  • Press and hold the PlayStation button and press the share button o the wireless controller simultaneously. The light bar flashing on the backside of the wireless controller indicates your ps4 the controller is in pairing mode.

Why won’t my ps4 controller connect?

  • A better solution is to try another different USB cable. In this case, the original one has failed. You can also try to reset the ps4 controller by pressing the reset button on the controller’s backside, behind the L2button. If your controller still doesn’t connect to your PS4, you might need support from sony.

Why is the PS4 controller flashing blue?

  • Flashing blue light means that your play station controller is now in pairing mode. However, there might be an issue syncing between any two devices like the controller and a charger or the controller or console.

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