How To Connect Chromebook to WiFi Internet? 3 Best Way

Connect Chromebook to WiFi Internet: A computer or Chromebook without wi-fi can make the most significant trouble getting work done, especially if you have a Chromebook on your hand and have not set up google docs offline. Chromebook is most helpful when connected to the internet, and it is simple and easy to connect Chromebook to wifi internet connection. Most Chromebooks do not include an Ethernet LAN port, and If you want to join an ethernet connection, you will need to use a Chromebook compatible USB ethernet dongle. This post details connect Chromebook to wi-fi internet connection.

Many Chromebook users will be connecting to the internet through WIFI. The chrome operating system is straightforward and comfortable to connect to multiple wi-fi networks to ensure that a Chromebook user always has an internet connection. You can connect your Chromebook to any network with the following instructions. The open web does not require a password; secure network use EP, WPA-PSK, WPA Enterprise, or WPA2 enterprise settings.

How To Connect Chromebook to WiFi Internet:

Here, we will see step by step procedure to connect Chromebook to WiFi internet. Before you can connect to a wi-fi internet connection, you need to turn it on. Just follow the below steps to do this,

  • In your Chromebook’s bottom right corner of the display, click into the area with the wi-fi symbol. (if it is in off mode, you will check an outline without an available signal inside)
  • Press if not connected, you will see the wi-fi button enable, and it will automatically search for local networks
Connect Chromebook to WiFi internet
Connect Chromebook to WiFi internet
  • If you have already established a local wi-fi connection, it should automatically connect.
  • Or choose one from the available list and type the password or click the wi-fi button with the plus symbol to join another network.
  • Enter the service set identifier of the network you want to join, then give the password if necessary.
How to connect chromebook to wifi
How to connect chromebook to wifi
  • If you have any issues or trouble connecting to wi-fi, restart your Chromebook or think about getting a new router if your connection is poor.
  • Google wi-fi offers one of the better internet connections for a standard home and will go perfectly with your Chromebook.

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How To Connect Chromebook to Restricted Network:

Some internet network administrators restrict network access to prevent outsiders from seeing private information on the network. If you want to use this local network, you might give your mac address to your administrator to use the web. To find your mac address,

  • Switch on your Chromebook
  • Click the status area where your account picture display
  • Press the section that says connected to and your networks name
  • At the top side of the box that appears, pick your network
  • In the window that opens the MAC address is the hardware address.

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How To Connect Chromebook to WPA2 Enterprise Network:

  • Click the status area where your account profile picture appears
  • Then click the settings option
  • Then press the internet connection and click the add connection >>add wi-fi>>advanced.
  • Now type your network certificates.
  • Select default if your server certificate is already installed on your Chromebook in the server CA certificate field.
  • Suppose it is not installed on your Chromebook; your server administrator requests you to install the server certificate.
  • If you are connecting to an EAP-TLS network, you must install the user certificate.

Final Words:

Now we have entered the end of this post, and I hope this post will have helped you connect Chromebook to Wifi internet. Here we explain all details about connecting your Chromebook to available wi-fi and local wi-fi. You are a Chromebook user, and please read this post thoroughly and enjoy its features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why will my Chromebook not connect to wi-fi?

Ans: Make sure your Chromebook can connect to mobile networks and turn on your connection. Restart your Chromebook and ensure the T mobile or Verizon wireless network is enabled. Call your mobile carrier if you have problems connecting.

2. What is this SSID?

Ans: SSID means Service Set Identifier, Which is the name of your wireless network, also called a network ID.This is viewable to anyone with a wireless device within reachable distance of your network. It is recommended you set a password so that no one can use your wi-fi without your permission.

3. What is WEP in wi-fi?

Ans: Wired equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a security protocol specified in the IEEE wireless fidelity standard 802.11b. This standard is developed to provide a wireless local area network (WLAN) with a level of security and privacy comparable to what is usually expected of a wired LAN.

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