How To Connect Chromebook To Roku Tv 3 New Ways

Connect Chromebook To Roku Tv : Chromebook is usually low ended electronic machine, and it is the cheapest and most user-friendly laptop. So many people use this Chromebook instead of the high-end laptops available. But the common issue with the Chromebook is that it only has a fixed-size monitor to display your videos, presentation, and other files.
If you are a Chromebook user, you have a good thing: you can now cast your Chromebook to Roku tv with the help of the following three online screen mirroring tools, which are given below.

Tools To Mirror Your Chromebook To Roku Tv:

  • Chromecast.
  • Allcast.
  • Alternative method: Lets view the application.

What Is Mirroring? And Why Is This Screen Mirroring So Famous?

Screen mirroring permits you to connect your device’s screen to your tv screen, which means You see whatever is on your device’s screen on your tv instead. It works well with android tv, apple tv as well as windows pcs.
This screen mirroring can help facilitate collaboration between you and your colleagues at work by providing an avenue where you can share your presentation in a cost-friendly manner. And this screen mirroring is a wireless process so you can reduce clutter and keep your meeting room neat. And this is easy to set up, and you don’t need to be an IT expert. Also, you can share multiple screens simultaneously, and this way, your team can save more time.

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How To Connect Chromebook To Roku Tv Using Chromecast:

The better way to screen mirroring your Chromebooks screen to your Roku tv is using Chromecast. This unique device is a mirroring tool that you plug into your tv using an HDMI cable to help you to mirror your Chromebook to your Roku. Just follow the below steps to do this,

The first switch on your tv then plugs the Chromecast dongle into your Roku tv using an HDMI cable.

switch on your tv then plugs the Chromecast dongle
switch on your tv then plugs the Chromecast dongle
  1. Then select the HDMI as the source input of your TV using the remote control.
  2. Now download and install the Chromecast to your Chromebook by visiting the Chromecast website.
  3. Then set up through, then click accept on the privacy button
  4. Now pop, an up window will appear on your Chromebook’s screen.
  5. You just hit the SET ME UP button.
set me up
set me up to chromecast
  • Then go to Chromebooks WIFi network and select the Chromecast network to follow the instruction by clicking the next and YES option on the right side of the interface.
  • After that, you will be going to provide a name for your Chromecast, then hit the LOOKs GOOD button
  • Finally, connect your device to your WiFi and input the password to start the mirroring Done, now your device is ready to cast and mirror Chromebook to Roku tv.

Connect Chromebook To Roku Tv Using Allcast:

The following tool connects your Chromebook to Roku tv using the ALL CAST application. This app allows your devices like Chromecast to stream and display files and screen to other screens like Roku tv. You can play local and online videos and stream other media files like music, pictures, and other media files like word documents, PowerPoint, etc. You need to set up this all-cast application on your Roku tv to let mirroring begin. Here are the following,

Chromebook To Roku Tv Using Allcast
Chromebook To Roku Tv Using Allcast
  1. On your Chromecast, go to your web browser,
  2. click the more icon at the top right corner,
  3. choose the cast, and wait for it to detect your Roku tv.After you detect,
  4. click the name of your Roku tv then mirroring will start.

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Connect Chromebook To Your Roku TV Using An Alternative Method: Let’s View The App:

The final tool islets view. This fantastic tool allows you to mirror your Chromebook to your android tv for free. Ans also gives additional features like taking screenshots, a video recording screen, and a whiteboard marker to help you enjoy more of this tool. The mirroring quality is excellent with high resolution. You can use this application anywhere and anytime because this is a multi-platform tool. It needs only an internet connection to work. Follow the below instructions,

Download letsview
Download letsview
  1. Download this application on both your devices,(Lets view the application)
  2. Chromebook and android tv after that,
  3. install this application and get the PIN displayed on your TV.
  4. Now enter this PIN code on your Chromebook then the mirroring will begin.


We have entered the end of this article, and I hope the above tools and methods are an excellent way to connect Chromebook to Roku tv. With the help of this tool, you can cast your Chromebook screen to a wider net for more accessible and more convenient ways of watching movies, displaying presentations, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my Chromebook not mirroring my TV?

  • If your Chromebook is not mirroring your tv, you can try a different HDMI cable and port. Then check your network, plug your router, disable AP isolation, and ensure all your devices are on the same network. Still, the issue is present and then restart the media router feature.

How do I cast from Chromebook to Roku tv?

  • Go to the settings option click on display, followed by the cast screen. Then tap the menu button in the right corner top side of the screen and check the enable wireless display box. Now your Roku should appear in the cast screen section.

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