Canon MG2522 Printer To Chromebook-How To Connect

Connect Canon MG2522 Printer To Chromebook: The canon MG2522 printer is an inexpensive printer that is suitable for home purposes and as well as office purposes. This canon MG2522 printer is a simple printer machine for basic printing needs. The canon color injects printer makes it easy to print documents, and it even supports optional XL ink cartridges. So it needs replacing less often. In this proposal, we will explain how to set up this canon MG2522 printer and connect canon MG2522 printer to Chromebook.

Setup Process of Canon MG2522 Printer:

  • After buying the canon MG2522 printer from the manufacturer, check if it is sealed correctly.
  • Then unbox the printer box and check if the printer components are provided.
  • Remove this packing cover from the printer and remove the printer’s protective tap.
  • Then place the printer on a flat surface or table.
  • Now connect the power cable to the respective port to the canon MG2522 setup printer and power supply.
Connect canon mg2522 printer to chromebook setup process
Connect canon mg2522 printer to chromebook setup process
  • Switch on your printer by pressing the power button
  • Unbox the cartridges enclosed with the printer package
  • Open the front side door of your printer and Insert this ink cartridge into the respective slot
  • Place enough paper in the input tray with their print side facing up.
  • Successfully done, now the canon MG2522 printer setup process is completed.
  • Now print the test page and complete the first-time printer setup.

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Canon MG2522 DRIVER Mac:

  • When you buy a canon MG2522 printer, The installation CD is enclosed with the printer package.
  • To download this driver by installing a CD, ensure your mac device has a CD drive.
  • Because recently manufactured mac computer or laptop does not has a disc drive.
  • So copy and paste the content from the CD into the destination folder on your device wing flash drive.
  • After passing the content, click on the driver file and install the canon MG2522 printer software on your Mac device or laptop.

How To Install The MG2522 Driver:

  • Double click on the downloaded canon MG2522 printer driver file on your Mac computer or laptop, or Chromebook
  • Then extract the zipped driver file, and unzip it.
  • Choose the connection method based on the specification of your computer and printer.
Install canon mg2522 printer driver
Install canon mg2522 printer driver
  • Click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Then go through the guidelines on the screen
  • Finally, choose the finish button and complete the installation process.

How To Connect Canon MG2522 Printer To WiFi:

  • Switch on your printer by force pressing its power button
  • Press and hold the wifi button and release it when the wifi light starts to blink
  • Again press the wifi button until the network light flashes
  • Now hit the color or black button to complete the wifi setup.

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How To Connect Canon MG2522 Printer To Chromebook:

  • First, you turn on your Chromebook and then click the profile icon on the lower right side of your Chromebook screen
  • Here you click the wifi logo. Now the wifi menu opens
  • Make sure that your Chromebook is already connected to a network to which your canon MG2522 printer should also be connected
  • Now provide the network password when prompted and click connect
  • Click your Chromebook account icon on the bottom right corner of your Chromebook’s screen, and a pop-menu appears
Connect canon mg2522 printer to chromebook
Connect canon mg2522 printer to chromebook
  • Now click the settings in the pop-up menu to access the settings menu
  • Here you press advanced-Printer-Add printer-select your printer-press add option
  • They enable cloud printers on your canon printer. You must have a device that is not connected to Chromebook
  • To connect your printer to a windows or Mac computer
  • Then open the google chrome browser and go to the menu on the right on the side
  • Now go to settings and click the advanced option
  • And press the Google cloud print >>manage cloud print devices >>choose your printer.
  • Finally, click on the add printer option
  • That’s it. Now you connect canon MG2522 printer to chromebook using above steps.

Process of Changing Ink Cartridge Canon MG2522:

The printer should be turned on while changing the ink cartridge of the canon MG2522 ink cartridge.

  • Pull the printer’s output tray slowly, and its extender
  • Then unlock the new cartridge access cover, and the cartridge holder makes a move to the replacement position
  • Now press the FINE cartridge down until it does not go down further
  • Remove the replaceable FINE cartridge from its place
  • Remove the protective taps stuck on the new FINE cartridge, and now it’s ready for installation
  • Install the replacement FINE cartridge into the respective slot color on the left and black and white on the right
  • Then close the front door of the ink cartridge access area
  • Align the print head position according to the FINE cartridge and do the printhead alignment to make sure successful completion of the ink cartridge replacement with your canon MG2522 setup printer.

Final Words:

Now we have entered the end of this post. I hope the above guidelines are helpful to install and connect canon MG2522 printer to Chromebook. I think this post is provided you with some valid points. So just read this post and connect canon MG2522 printer to Chromebook and if you enjoyed this post, share this post with your friends who want to connect canon MG2522 printer to Chromebook, thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Pixma MG2522 compatible with Chromebook?

Ans: Chromebook does not support drivers to install printers. They use google cloud print; there are two printing methods with google cloud print using a google cloud print ready printer or setting up the service on your computer. The Pixma MG2522, unfortunately, is not google cloud print compatible.

2. Why is my canon MG2522 not printing?

Ans: Check your USB cable and make sure that the USB cable is securable plugged into the machine and the computer. Once you connect your computer to a USB cable, check if you are using a relay device such as a USB hub, disconnect it, connect the machine directly to the computer and try printing again.

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