How To Connect Android phone to Chromebook 2 Best Methods

Connect Android phone to Chromebook: If you are a smartphone user, you can do more with your Chromebook when you connect your mobile phone. You can share your important files, and you can receive and send a text message on your Chromebook. You can connect your Chromebook to your phone’s network. Also, you can unlock your Chromebook with your smartphone.

Sometimes we need to do some processes on the big screen, so connecting the phone screen to your Chromebook is the better idea for this. This article gives some simple techniques for Connect Android phone to Chromebook.

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2 Methods Connect Android phone to Chromebook :

Connecting a phone to a Chromebook can have various reasons. They can vary from personal usage to some workplace uses if you are watching movies or any videos with someone to enjoy it more on a bigger screen. Viewing documents reading books on a Chromebook is easier with an enhanced view. You can play your presentation for yourself or others on a Chromebook in companies where you might need to do a presentation.

Here we explain two possible ways to connect your phone to your Chromebook. You can Connect Android phone to Chromebook.

  1. Through Bluetooth.
  2. Through USB cable.

How To Connect Android phone To Chromebook Using Bluetooth:

Follow the below steps to Connect Android phone to Chromebook ,

  1. On your smartphone device, Scroll down from the top of the screen and enable your Bluetooth option.
  2. Then turn on your Chromebook and select the time option, which is located in the lower right corner of the Chromebook’s screen, then enable your Chromebooks Bluetooth.
  3. Now select the phone icon in the taskbar.
  4. Now the pop-up appears on your Chromebooks screen. Click on the get start option.
  5. Under device detected, make sure your phone is selected.
Select the Accept ad to continue option 2
Select the Accept to continue option
  • After that, Select the Accept ad to continue option (if your workplace or school administers your Chromebook, you may not have the opportunity to connect your phone).
Connect Android phone to Chromebook
Connect Android phone to Chromebook

Now type your google account password Finally, click on the done option Now successfully, your Android phone screen is connected to your Chromebook.

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How To Connect Android phone To Your Chromebook Through USB:

You can connect your device through a USB cable. You can see your text messages and other information about your phone on your Chromebook, then connect your mobile phone to Chromebook through a USB cable.

  • Connect the USB one end into your mobile phone and another end to your Chromebook’s USB port.
  • When you make his connection click on the pop-up notification on your mobile phone to allow access to your internal storage.
  • The file application will open to show your mobile phone’s internal storage.
  • If it does not appear automatically,
  • open the files application and select your mobile phone’s model number in the left sidebar.
  • Here you can copy and paste the files between a folder on both devices.
  • If your mobile phone has an SD card, it will have its folder.

Why Is My Mobile Phone Can Not Connect To My Chromebook:

Here we explained some reasons why your phone is not connected to your Chromebook,

  1. The first problem is your device’s Bluetooth cannot be established. Move the device closer together, then turn on Bluetooth for both devices.
  2. Next, your version of Chrome OS is outdated, so you need to update your Chromebook manually.
  3. There could be a temporary technical hiccup which can be quickly fixed by restarting both devices.
  4. If connected through a USB cable, there could be an issue with your USB cable, so try another one.

How To Disconnect Your Phone To Chromebook:

On your Chromebook at the right side bottom, choose the time option

  1. Then select the settings option.
  2. Under the connected devices, Select your phone.
  3. To turn off all features here, select enabled
  4. To turn off individual features, select that features

If you don’t want to connect your Chromebook to this smartphone, remove it by selecting forget phone option and clicking o the confirm option.

Final Words:

Now we enter the conclusion of this article. I hope the above methods help you Connect Android phone to Chromebook. You can see your smartphone’s screen in your Chromebook’s screen using the above form. If you are a Chromebook user, then this article helps you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Chromebooks screen mirror?

  • Yes, you can also mirror your display to show the same image on your Chromebooks and a separate monitor. You can also wirelessly mirror your Chromebook’s entire screen or just one browser tab to an external display.

Can a laptop be used as a monitor?

  • First, you will need to grab the appropriate display cable for your laptop so you can connect it up to a monitor. Your laptop might use an HDMI cable, display port, Mini display port, or include a docking station, so find the suitable cable for your convenience and insert it into your monitor.

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