How To Change Password On Chromebook Very Easy

Change password on chromebook : Chromebook is considered to be a laptop that Google introduced. The main aim of launching this computer is to make the computer’s processing fast and easy. The task has been considered to work for the past couple of years. In these years, many people have started using google chromebook. In the chrome book, the operating system used is Chrome OS.

This is an operating system that contains a cloud unit. In the chrome book, the best version of Google is installed. By this step, you can enjoy the best versions of the system. The chrome book has been set with the best version of security locks. It is considered very difficult to hack onto a chrome book. It is not an easy step. Chrome book is a very friendly form of a laptop. All the options and file is very user friendly. All people can use it without any delay.

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How To Change Password On Chromebook Step By Step:

As the first and foremost step, open Chrome. In Chromebook, open Google. In some systems, this setting will be already developed. If not, just go manually.

  1. In Google, you will see an account with your profile picture. Just click on the profile picture, which is seen in the upper right corner.
  2. just clicks on manages your Google account option. T is easy to find this option.
  3. Now in the left panel, you will see a folder called security. Just click on that.
  4. Now you should scroll down to the sign in to the Google section.
  5. Now select the option called password.
  6. You should enter the current password in that option and click on the next option.
  7. The option of a two-factor authentication code is required. Then click on it and enter the code.

Now you should enter the new password, and now you should just confirm the new password by re-entering this password. Now click on the change password option.This password will change, and you can now use your new password.

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How To Activate Two Step Verification On Chromebook:

Open the Chrome. If you have Google as an option that pops out when you open Chrome, it is fine. If not, then you should just open google manually.You should click and select the profile picture that you can see in the left corner.

  1. Now in that, click and select the manage Google account option.
  2. Now in that, select the option security.
  3. In that option, just scroll down to the option signing in to Google.
  4. Now in that, select the two-step verification option. This is for the security of the password you will give.
  5. Now scroll down and select the option to get started.
  6. Then, enter your password and click on the next option.
  7. Now, you should select the device that is your device. This is done to receive security prompts from Google. 
  8. The other option is to set up a security key, or you can set it to get text messages or to get voice calls.
  9. Now you have to click on the yes button.
  10. Or you can also set up a backup plan by entering your number to get verification.
  11. Now you should turn it on to complete the process you have been aiming for.
  12. Now click ok. All the processing is done, and you can do this process again if you need.

A new password is set up in a very easy and unique way. If you follow the above steps, the processing will be much easier and more secure.


The above content explains how to change password on chromebook. All the steps are really easy to be followed. The ways that we present to you are safe and used multiple times. If you face a problem with the password, it is recommended to change it as early as possible. There are chances that someone else uses it for other purposes. So we hope that the above content helped you in a way that you have expected it to.


Are the entire ways safe?

  • All the ways instructed above are safe to be used. T is always recommended to change the password in a particular period to confirm the security well.

Isn’t our account safe with Google?

  • Yes, your account is always safe with Google. Google has provided us with multiple layers of protection so that you can easily process it. But it is safe to change the password too. To avoid all chances of error formation.

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