Best 6 Voice Changer For Chromebook 2022!

Voice Changer For Chromebook: The term voice changer refers to a device that can change the tone or pitch or add distortion to the user’s voice or a combination that varies significantly in price and sophistication. A kazoo or didgeridoo is used as a make shift voice changer, though it can be challenging to understand what the person is trying to say. Most people like to keep their personal and professional lives separate. However, there are situations in which your hobbies and other personal activities could affect and possibly harm your work-life, particularly when it comes to the online world.

Is There Any Voice Changer For Chromebook?

Yes, voice changers play an essential role in people who do not want to expose their original voice. It is the software that allows you to change your voice. You can use the voice by adding a variety of effects. Some devices help you transform your voice in different ways and like you. Other voice changer applications are given below,

  1. Voicemod
  2. Celebrity voice changer
  3. Clownfish
  4. MorphVox
  5. Voicemeeter
  6. Voxal Voice Changer

1. Voicemod

Voicemod voice changer is one of the most popular, simple, and has unique features. This voice mod changes your original voice, and no one can identify your voice. You can also use it in voice changer Chromebooks, and gamers mostly use it.

Voicemod for chromebook
Voicemod for chromebook

These applications have specific and convenient features. The price of this voice mod is up to $20 to $25, and it is a high cost for a small user. This application is available for Mac OS and personal computers both.


  • Straightforward process to use
  • It provides a free platform toi its user
  • It also gives a live voice changing facility
  • You can easily adjust your voice.


  • This voice mod is free but paid for more advanced features
  • Very expensive to use
  • Not comfortable with your setup, which has specks
  • This application is not suitable for large setups

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2. Celebrity voice Changer

These celebrity voice changers are very reliable for the Chromebooks’ voice because they give customers many functions. It is the most famous device used by people, and it is beneficial for voice changer Chromebooks. We can also adjust the pitch of your voice, and the main feature is that you can also change your voice to a celebrity voice. The cost of this celebrity voice changer is up to %10 to $1. You can buy this easily. Available devices are MacOS and personal computers.


  • It is free for all users
  • It also has the feature of short recording sound
  • You can also make echoes if you want
  • You can also change your voice to a celebrity voice.


  • The celebrity voice changer is slow and has a delayed voice recording
  • And it does not support live recording
  • Limited voice of celebrity
  • Not very particular for large setups

3. Clownfish

Clownfish is another best voice changer for Chromebook with many features. It is a readily available application on the application store at a reasonable price. Using this clownfish application, you can easily change your voice to a musical voice.

Clownfish voice changer for chromebook
Clownfish voice changer for chromebook

It is mainly used by the call centre, gamers, etc. The discord servers use it because voice changers are very helpful for those. This clownfish Application is up to $30 To $ 35. Sometimes, they discount their users for both MacOS and PC.


  • Clownfish application is very safe for the user
  • Anyone can learn the software
  • User friendly and uncomplicated, and simple to install setup guide


  • It is more expensive
  • It has limited functions to voice changing Chromebooks
  • Not beneficial for large setups.

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4. MorphVox

MorphVox is one of the excellent voice changers for Chromebooks. It has unique and different other software due to its advanced features. It ass an environmental and good effect on your voice, and it gives a more extensive library of free sound and voice packs. The best quality of sound is also available in this software. The cost of this morphVox application is almost $39.999, you can easily install this application on your Chromebook. MorphyVox application is available for Personal computers only, not for MacOS.


  • The installation is straightforward
  • It provides a natural voice effect
  • It is available in the free version with some specific features.


  • It is a bit complicated user interface
  • Time-consuming application
  • It is costly

5. Voicemeeter

Voicemeeter delivers you a variety of features, and it gives its user the part of adding extra audio to the clip. Using this application, you can connect two sources simultaneously and manage the different software and hardware sources in the voice meeter. The cost of this voice meeter is zero, which means this application is free of charge. If you can pay whenever you feel like it is helpful, it is only upto their users. This software is available only for Pc.


  • Voicemeeter gives safety to its customers
  • It has the best sound quality
  • It is easy to understand


  • Tricky to understand
  • Slow In processing
  • Face little complexity while streaming

6. Voxal Voice changer

Voxal is the helpful voice changer Chromebook. Most customers use it for gaming purposes, and they change their voice for games. Using a vocal voice changer can generate unlimited effects on your voice, and it has a natural user interface. The price of this software is up to %15, the original price is $35 to $40 (they give a discount for all users). This application is now available on both MacOS and Pc.


  • Voxal is user friendly
  • It provides you with the recording features
  • Users enjoy it while using


  • You cannot transfer the audio voices
  • You have to pay for more features
  • It isn’t straightforward to handle


Now we stand at the end of this post. We provide some guidelines about best voice changers for Chromebook. I hope this post helps all Chromebook users. So friends, if you like this post, share this with your friends and relatives, thank you.


1. Can I USe Voicemod on Xbox?

Ans: Yes, you can use a voice mod voice changer on your Xbox. You need to connect your Xbox One and Xbox console companies on windows 10.

2. How do you use a soundboard on Discord?

Ans: Open Discord, go to settings option>>App Sttings>>voice and video>Input Device, and select Cable output. Then, people will hear every sound playing on your machine in voice chat.

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