Best 5 Snipping Tools for Chromebook 2022? How To Use it?

Snipping Tools for Chromebook: Taking screenshots is different on a Chromebook than on a Windows or Mac. However, the process will be more straightforward if you use your method or a third-party snipping tool. Whether you want to capture the entire screen or part of it, it is easy with keyboard commands. However, if this method does not help you do what you want, you can get a suitable third-party alternative that will help you meet your needs. In this post, we have given some best snipping tools for your Chromebook, allowing you to capture and edit the screenshots as per your choice easily. Before that, let me explain the procedure to snip on a Chromebook using keyboard commands.

Best Snipping Tools for Chromebook:

The Chromebook’s built-in sniper tool may be less, but there are plenty of Chrome extensions and apps you can use to add functionality.

  • Lightshot for Chromebook
  • ShareX Snipping Tool for Chromebook
  • Fireshot Snipping Tool for Chromebook
  • Nimbus Grab Snipping Tool for Chromebook
  • Flamory Snipping Tool for Chromebook

Lightshot for Chromebook:

Lightshot is a free snipping tool for Chromebook, which works on both Windows and Mac systems. You can use it as a Chrome extension, and this is used to take, edit and post screenshots on the server. To modify them in life, you need to drag and drop the screenshot over any part of your Chromebook.

Lightshot Snipping Tools for Chromebook
Lightshot Snipping Tools for Chromebook

To use this free snipping tool for chrome, click the extension or app to bring up the area where you can take the screenshot you want. You can copy the screenshot you took to the clipboard by selecting any part of the page you want to record. The program comes with a powerful web editor that you can use to change your screenshots now or later.

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ShareX Snipping Tool for Chromebook:

ShareX is for taking screenshots on the Chromebook, screenshots of your entire screen or part of it, and sculpting the screen while flying. It allows you to save the screen to edit them for later. You can install this snipping Tool on your Chromebook as a Chrome extension and use this Tool to take a variety of screenshots. You can convert the screenshot into a GIF file and share them wherever you want. While ShareX is extra to some users, it has many positive aspects.

Sharex snipping tool
Sharex snipping tool

You can choose specific areas, windows and screens and different shapes to capture the area you want. Using this snipping Tool, you can add texts or objects to your screenshot, pixelate the picture and crop it. ShareX allows you to record the screen, which instantly helps you make a GIF.

Fireshot Snipping Tool for Chromebook:

FireShot is also a free snipping tool available for Chromebooks, which allows its users to cut out parts of your screen or the entire web page and save it as an image instead of taking multiple screenshots. It has a simple user interface whose fundamental and straightforward functions make screen capture simple, convenient, and fast. In addition, you can use FireShot’s advanced editor to perform various actions such as removing effects, arrows, blur, text annotations, watermarks and unwanted elements in your snippets. 

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Nimbus Grab Snipping Tool for Chromebook:

As above given snipping tools for Chromebook, Nimbus Grab is also available as free software and allows you to capture the entire screen or partial screen of your Chromebook. You can draw your entire tabs or desktop using your webcam, mark screenshots, or capture videos. The application captures part or all of web pages and saves your time by allowing you to be contacted without having to write the entire tutorial. You can capture your screen in various screenshot modes, including selected area, fragments, visible area of ​​the page, or scrolling mode with a simple click. The snippet panel feature of this snipping tool has powerful editing features that help you make your subject and description clear, efficient and effective.

Flamory Snipping Tool for Chromebook:

In addition to recording, editing and sharing your snippets, Flamory has many valuable features. For example, this Tool lets you bookmark or create thumbnails of page snapshots with searchable screenshots and text. Double-clicking on the screenshot on the Chromebook will take you to the exact location on the webpage. Flamory has a customized interface, and you can arrange photos category-wise, which makes your research more accessible. This application can do this not only for web pages and documents but also for local files, emails and PDF books. You do not have to worry if your photos contain essential information because they are not displayed on the internet.

How To Snip on Chromebook Using Keyboard Commands?

The simplest way to capture the entire screen or part of it on your Chromebook is to use keyboard shortcuts. If you want to capture the whole screen of your Chromebook, you need to press Ctrl and Windows Switch.

Do you want to capture a part of the screen, for that you have to hold down CTRL + Shift, then the window switch (Show Windows) key, and drag the cross chair icon to select the area you want to capture with your trackpad. If your Chromebook comes with a pen, you can use it to take full or partial screenshots and annotate them. Or else you can take quick screenshots using the Power + Volume Down buttons.


So these are some best snipping tools for Chromebook. You can download any of the apps mentioned above on your Chromebook to take screenshots, and you can also use those apps as Chrome extensions if you don’t have enough space on your Chromebook.


1. How Do I Get To Snipping Tool?

Ans: First, download best Snipping tool for your device, then go to start and search snipping tool. Now, select the snipping tool and start your process.

2. What is the Shortcut key for snipping tool?

Ans: If you use Snipping tool in windows PC, then the snipping tool keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+K. Within a second, it will get open.

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