Adobe Reader For Chromebook Download! – 2 Best Methods

Adobe Reader For Chromebook: Chromebook is a free operating system developed by Google for personal computers. It has a straightforward interface, unlike windows and macOS on the laptop. Adobe reader is trendy among all other adobe products, and people use it on windows PC for reading documents like PDF and all. You can run adobe reader on your Chromebook and Chromebook OS as well. If you are a Chromebook user, then the post helps you because, in this post, we explain complete details about how to download and install Adobe Reader on your Chromebook and explain the pros and cons of adobe reader.

Benefits of Chromebook:

Chromebook gives you an experience of android mobile and a computer simultaneously. It is a very customizable and minified operating system, and you get the update from google in this operating system. The user interface of this OS is more like a smartphone than a personal computer.

How To Download & Install Adobe Reader for Chromebook?

Here we explain two different and simple ways to install adobe reader on your Chromebook, or else you can also get adobe reader installed on your google chrome web browser as an extension. Let’s see the two methods below, the first step would be to download adobe reader through the google play store

1. Install Adobe Reader on Chromebook using Google play store.
2. Install Adobe Reader on Chromebook using the Chrome web browser

Method 1: Install Adobe Reader on Chromebook Using Google Play Store

  • You should download the google play store from the launcher and then launch the application in the google play store.
  • You can navigate to the search bar and here type adobe reader.
Download Adobe reader
Download Adobe reader
  • Then you will be able to locate the application.
  • Click on the application, get inside, and press the install button.
  • Now, the application will be installed on your Chromebook.
  • After that, you can use it as any other application.

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Method 2: Install Adobe Reader on Chromebook Using Chrome Web Browser

If you don’t need to install any particular application on your Chromebook, you can pick the chrome extension method. Here are the steps you should follow to get the job done.

  • Open the google chrome browser that is already installed on the Chromebook
  • You will need to get to the address bar and type adobe reader here. Now you will be able to hit on the enter key.
  • Open the official adobe reader web store link. Then you will be able to access the extension.
Adobe Reader for chromebook
Adobe Reader for Chromebook
  • Now pick the option called to add to chrome.
  • Now, you can get the pop-up message asking you to ass an extension to chrome.
  • The extension will be installed immediately on the google chrome browser.
  • Now, you will be able to use your google chrome web browser on Chromebook to access the PDF files.

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Features of Adobe Reader:

The excellent and impressive features that you will get with adobe reader on Chromebook include,

  • A free global standard document management system
  • Let’s you open and view PDF documents in real-time
  • Annotation includes adding comments, sticky notes, markup texts, highlights, etc.
  • View, review, Sign, and send the shared documents.
  • Track the pending action of the documents shared with you, work with scanned documents, and fill out and sign forms.
  • Let’s you upload and sign documents.
  • It supports accessing PDF and other files from google drive.

How To Update the Latest Version of Adobe Reader?

Adobe reader recommends that users update to the latest version to take advantage of security and stability improvements. Updates can be installed as described below,

Update automatically from the product:

  • Open the adobe reader or acrobat
  • Choose the help option, then check for an update
  • Follow the steps in the updater window to download and install the latest updates.

Update Adobe Reader on the Web:

  • Open the reader and choose Help, the adobe reader. Note your product version.
  • Go to the adobe reader downloads page. The web page automatically detects your OS and reader version.
  • If the web page indicates that a newer version is available, choose to install it now.
  • Press the downloaded file and follow the instructions

Update Adobe Reader Manually:

You can download and manually install this product as follow,

  • Open the product
  • Choose the Help option than about acrobat or adobe reader
  • Note the version
  • Close the product

If you do not have the latest version installed, download the needed installer from the following location

  • Adobe acrobat reader full installer and updates for windows and macOS
  • Adobe acrobat updates for windows and macOS

Click the installer to download it. After the download is completed, click twice the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

Final words:

Now we entered the end of this proposal. Here, we provide the two most straightforward methods to install an adobe reader on your Chromebook, it is up to you to pick any of these two methods to get an adobe reader on your Chromebook. However, the exact features would vary based on your option. The updates will automatically get uploaded to the extension.


1. How do I find out what version of adobe reader I have?

Ans: Choose help option > About adobe reader acrobat pro-DC. The pop-up window shows the product name, associated version string, and copyright message.

2. What is the best PDF reader?

  • Adobe acrobat reader DC
  • SumatraPDF
  • Nitro free PDF reader
  • Foxit reader
  • Google drive
  • Web browser- chorme. firefox, Edge
  • Slim PDF

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