7 Best DAW for Chromebook To Make Music

Best DAW for Chromebook: Chromebooks are designed to be inexpensive and straightforward, so why would a music lover want to use a Chromebook to play music? There are many reasons, but primarily because they have been created with the audio user in mind. Many digital audio workstations are perfect for playing music on a Chromebook, and these workstations give you a great way to get started making music using your computer. So, we are listing some best DAW for Chromebook.

7 Best DAW for Chromebook:

There are lots of digital audio workstations available in the market. Some of them are free, while some are not free. This article has collected the best digital audio workstations that are free and accessible for everyone. These are the best audio editing software on Chromebook. This list was compiled based on our experience and expertise. You can also use these software programs on Windows or Mac OS X. They are, 

  • Adobe Audition
  • Cubase
  • FL Studio
  • Reaper
  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro X
  • GarageBand

1. Adobe Audition:

Adobe Audition for Chromebook is an excellent audio editing tool. You can use it to edit and mix music, voice recordings, and sound effects. Adobe Audition is a digital audio workstation developed by Adobe Systems. It was created as a Mac-only product, but an updated Windows version was released in 2003. It offers many features for


  • Sound editing and recording, including multitrack support, spectral analysis tools, noise reduction capabilities, and effects processing modules.
  • Additionally, it can be used to create podcasts or digitize vinyl records.
  • Audition is a powerful audio editing and recording tool, offering many features and capabilities.
  • With multitrack support, spectral analysis tools, noise reduction capabilities, and effects processing modules.
  • It has everything you need to create professional-sounding audio.
  • Additionally, its ability to digitize vinyl records makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to preserve their music collection.
  • You can use Adobe Audition to edit and mix audio if you’re a Chromebook user.

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2. Cubase DAW for Chromebook:

Cubase for Chromebook is a music production software that allows you to create and edit your musical ideas on your Chromebook. The app has a simple interface that makes it easy to use, even if you’re unfamiliar with Cubase.

Cubase Daw for Chromebook
Cubase Daw for Chromebook

Cubase for Chromebook is an excellent option for music producers who want to use a simple yet powerful music production software. The app has all the features you need to create professional-sounding music.


  • You can record audio and MIDI tracks, add effects, and more.
  • If you’re looking for an easy-to-use music production software that works on your Chromebook, Cubase is a great choice.
  • Cubase has several features that set it apart from other DAWs.
  • One is its score editor, which allows for the creation and editing of musical notation.
  • Another is its integrated sampler, which can be used to create drum kits and other sampled instruments.

3. FL Studio:

FL Studio for Chromebook is a music production software that allows you to create and edit music with your computer. It has been designed for use on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices but can also be used on a Chromebook. FL Studio for Chromebook includes all of the features of the desktop version, such as


  • Piano roll, playlist editor, automation tools, and effects processing.
  • You can also record audio directly into FL Studio for Chromebook or import WAV files.
  • It is easy to use and has a wide range of features.
  • You can find more information about FL Studio for Chromebook on the official website. 

4. Reaper:

Reaper is a powerful digital audio workstation that can be used to create and edit music on your Chromebook. With Reaper, you can easily record, mix, and master your tracks. There are many features of Reaper that make it an ideal choice for musicians of all levels. Some of these features include:

  • An extensive library of effects and plugins
  • Unlimited track counts
  • The ability to export in multiple formats
  • If you’re looking for a great way to create or edit music on your Chromebook, Reaper is the perfect solution.

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5. Pro Tools:

Pro Tools for Chromebook is a powerful music production software that allows you to create and edit your music easily. It also supports audio plugins from third-party developers so that you can expand its capabilities even further.

Pro Tools for Chromebook
Pro Tools for Chromebook

Pro Tools is worth checking out if you’re a Chromebook user looking for powerful music production software. The app comes with a wide range of features, including,


  • Multitrack recording
  • MIDI sequencing
  • Virtual instruments
  • Effects processing

6. Logic Pro X:

Logic Pro X is a powerful music production application now available on Chromebooks. This app provides everything you need to create professional-quality music productions.


  • With Logic Pro X, you can record and edit audio, create MIDI tracks, mix your songs, etc.
  • Since Logic Pro X is now available on Chromebooks, you can easily take your music projects with you wherever you go.
  • You can also access your projects from any computer or device with the Logic Remote app installed.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, Logic Pro X for Chromebook will help you take your music production skills to the next level.

7. GarageBand:

GarageBand for Chromebook is a music production and recording studio software application for the macOS operating system. First released in 2004, Apple Inc. developed it as part of their consumer-level GarageBand product line. Its simple interface makes it possible to create great-sounding songs without learning complex editing techniques or musical theory. GarageBand also offers a wide range of features for more experienced users. These include: 


  • The ability to record multiple tracks simultaneously, allowing you to create complex arrangements.
  • A wide selection of virtual instruments and effects can be used to create realistic or experimental sounds.
  • Advanced MIDI editing capabilities, making it possible to create highly detailed compositions.

Final Words:

Finally, These are some of the best options available in the market. I hope the article is beneficial for you to learn more about which is the best DAW for Chromebook. If you are looking for the best audio workstation for Chromebook, these are the best options you can choose. 


1. What is a DAW?

Ans: A DAW, or digital audio workstation, is a software program used to create and edit digital audio files. 

2. Which Chromebooks are compatible with DAWs?

  • All Chromebooks that support Android apps are compatible with at least some form of DAW. 
  • For the best experience, we recommend using a Chromebook Pixel (2015) or later. 
  • Other models may have limited functionality or performance. 
  • Please check your device’s compatibility before purchasing any software. 

3. What are the minimum system requirements for using a DAW on my Chromebook?

Ans: Your Chromebook must be running Chrome OS version 53 or higher. In addition, your device must have at least 2 GB of RAM and an Intel processor.

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