7 Best Beat Maker For Chromebook!

Beat Maker For Chromeboook: You are the Chromebook user, and if you want to make some music on a Chromebook, You are in the right place. This proposal explains some of the best music applications that work on Chromebooks. Also, you should have all the best applications, sites, and programs at your disposal so you can start producing on your Chromebook. Even though these are pretty much netbooks, you can still produce some nice beats, especially if you are always on the go.

How To Produce Music on Chromebook?

You can make beats using various programs and websites, while you cannot directly download and install any Beat Maker for chromebook. You can utilize many free and paid applications out there to make music.

Method 1: Through Play Store Applications

You can access android applications if you have a newer model. All the popular music production applications can be downloaded onto your Chromebook. As you know, there are hundreds of them. It lets you choose from a massive assortment of production applications. And most of them are free to use with premium features.

Method 2: Through Online Music Makers

The other way is to use websites that work through the browser. You will need to visit them on your laptop, and the complete functionality is done through the web. You don’t need to install or download any software as it’s all cloud-based. The excellent part is that this extends beyond your Chromebook. You can start a new music track on your laptop and then move over to your desktop to finish it. Since it’s all stored online, this gives you the flexibility to work on your tunes anywhere.

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Method 3: Through Linux

One more option is to use professional DAWs for Chromebook. Sadly Chromebook operating system does not allow users to install any third-party software. You cannot install software like FL Studio, Mixcraft, Pro tools, or Audacity directly onto your Chromebook. Even if you owned the physical disc, you have nowhere to insert it as they don’t have optical drives. The only around this is to use Linux and Wine, both of which will cover.

Beat Maker for Chromebook
Beat Maker for Chromebook

Keep in mind that this is not guaranteed to work. We are bypassing the limitations of the Chrome operating system by using a different operating system entirely. Thus you cannot expect those professional programs to run smoothly, if at all, and it’s just a theory that can work depending on many different factors. Regardless, let’s go ahead and start covering these three methods.

Best Beat Maker For Chromebook:

Producing music is easier and faster tha ever, you can use various tools for making music on your Chromebook offline or online. Just follow the below instructions to know the best Beat Maker for Chromebook, to producing music on your Chromebook.

  1. BandLab
  2. Music maker
  3. Flat.io
  4. Soundtrap
  5. Splash
  6. JAMBO
  7. FL Studio mobile application

1. Bandlab:

Bandlab is a free digital audio workstation that works efficiently with a Chromebook, which has a smartphone version. It’s effortless and straightforward to work with. Although it’s rare for DAWs to use cloud storage, bandlab offers these great features free of cost. It will allow you to save all of the projects you create on the cloud to reduce the space they take up on your device as much as possible.

Bandlab for Chromebook
Bandlab for Chromebook

Besides, it increases the speed of content sharing and allows people from everywhere to work together. At the exact moment, you can make up to 16 tracks simultaneously on bandlab and record tracks that are 15 minutes long. You can also work with up to 50 people at the same time.

2. Music maker

Music maker is one of Magix’s products and other music products like Samplitude sound forge and acid music studio/acid pro. However, Magix’s music maker is compatible with windows and Chromebooks. It is a simple DAW that target amateur musician or those who like to make music as a hobby. So it may sound elementary for a semi-pro or advanced user. There are also four versions of music maker, each covering your different needs the free music maker, the plus edition, the live edition, and the premium edition.

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3. Flat.io

Flat.io music production application provides you with all sorts of resources you may need to make music. It allows you to compose, upload, read or find music scores on your Chromebook. Using this application, you can share your music with your peers and get feedback on it.

4. Soundtrap

Soundtrap is one of the most functional DAW for making music on a Chromebook; it’s super easy to work with and provides a handful of helpful features. To use the sound trap application, you need to log in first and create an account on its website.

Soundtrap Beat Maker
Soundtrap Beat Maker

After creating an account, the sound trap will give you a trial period for using its great premium feature. However, at the end of the trial, they will switch your account to a free version, which would entail some limitations.

5. Splash

Splash digital audio workstation is one of those DAWs you want to have on your Chromebook. This application is free, and there is no annoying advertisement. You can make beats and music with a splash and share it.


One more great and free DAW for Chromebook is JAMBL. While it offers several advanced features for the users working with JAMBL is not hard at all. Its tool kit is designed in a simply delightful way that makes music production fun. You can use JAMBL to create tracks, Mix music or play tracks. You can make excellent music videos, add your video to the music, and let JAMBL do its magic.

7. FL studio

FL studio is doubtlessly one of the best digital audio workstations developed. It offers many premium features to help you write, design, film, cut, mix, and master music. While FL Studio is not compatible with Chromebook, its mobile version is, and however, it’s not a free beat maker for chromebook.

Final words:

Now we entered into the end of this proposal. Here, we explain various beat maker for Chromebook and how to use this music production application through play store and online music maker. So if you like this post, do share this post with your friends and relatives; thank you.


1. Can I make beats on Chromebook?

Ans: Yes, you can make beats using a variety of programs and websites. While you cannot directly install any DAWs or music software, you can utilize many free and paid applications to make music.

2. Does google have a music-making program?

Ans: Google started a free sequencer on the occasion of the music in our schools month. Chrome music lab’s song maker. The idea is that everyone can create loops with up to two tools.

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